Google I/O 2014: Live Feed-Everything you need to Know in Google I/O 2014


Google I/O 2014, this is the source of everything you need to know about Google’s upcoming products and services, the feed is brought to you exclusively by iGadgetsworld, along with the live Twitter feed in case you miss anything.

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10:46 pm

Samsung is joinig the smartwatch race with Samsung Live


Calls, made a lot simple.io7


Synchronization across devices

10:32 pm

Android Wear, finally we’re getting smart watches very soon.io5

10:11 pm

Animations while you multitask and switch between apps

10:10  pm

New animation styles added to Searchio3

10:05 pm

Interactive notifications include new security options for unlocking your phone

10:04 pm

New interactive notifications to arrive soonio2

9:59 pm

Android developers can now add animations in every part of the OS, even between applications at a rate of 60fps, they way they like