Google I/O 2015: Live feed- Everything you need to know – Day 1

Google I/O 2015: Live feed- Everything you need to know - Day 1 - 4

Google I/O 2015 Live feed is on the way, here is everything you need to know about the Day 1 event! Few minutes back the event started and don’t forgot to watch it as it brings geeks all around the world at one place and showcase what’s new in Android.

Here is the official way to watch Google I/O 2015 : 

10.05 PM ISTsundar pichai-Google Io 2015

Remember Google’s new imitative like Pac man game in maps, snake game while buffering etc, that can be seen as a trailer in the starting of the event. Just now Sundar Pichai ( senior Vice President at Google) came in and is explaining android share in the mobile OS world wide.

10.18 PM IST

Now he is explaining about Android Auto ( which was announced last year), and now trying to explain about Android L which was released last year.

10.20 PM IST

Android “M” preview:Dave-andorid-m-preview



10.29 PM IST

Android Pay


Finger print authentication- make the purchase easy

10.34 PM IST

Power management improved two times in the new Android M

10.36 PM

Android M official release will be in Q3 2015, only the developer version will be previewed now

10.37 PM

Android wear


Always shows time, no need to tap the display to know the time

More than 4000 apps build specifically for Android wear

10.46 PM

Sundar Pichai explaining about smart home, it may be Android Home

story updating in progress ( please refresh every 5 minutes)

10.49 PM

Project Brillo and Weave are announced which will be released in Q3 and Q4 2015

10.58 PM

Google Now- new design and everything :)

  1. context

  2. Answers

  3. Apps

Demo showing how Google Now ( new ) works:


Get Information easily – Tap it :)

11.09 PM

Anil started to explain Photos


Google Photos- New product :)

Organize and memorize our photos!





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