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HOW TO: Use multiple Instagram accounts on your Android, iPhone and Windows Phone


Everyone likes taking pictures and uploading to Instagram with some filters and the best thing about Instagram is advanced options and multiple social media management rights from the app. But, for some people, nothing is enough.

If you're an Instagram freak or manage the Instagram account for your business or brand, you may have always wanted to use multiple accounts simultaneously which is not yet possible on the official app. So, today I will just tell you the best techniques and tips on how to use multiple Instagram accounts on your Android or iPhone. Regarding this problem, you may find out some similar questions regarding this problem on every smartphone OS threads. So, I'm just making this guide for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone. So, let's start and yes, I will start wit my favorite one, Android.

1. How to use multiple Instagram accounts on Android?

As Android is an open platform, developers can make apps or modify many things. But yes, the simplest way to use multiple Instagram accounts on Android is to use an app called phonegram. The app is simple and easy to use, but the free version has some limitations. However, you may give it a try.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

This was the easy part, but I know that many people won't like to pay for the premium features and everything so, for them there is an alternative. XDA Developers member Me-Nex S has developed an app called Instwogram, which completely does your job and it's actually sideloading two Instagram at a time. yet, I know some of you may not like installing apps fro unknown sources, but yes we can trust XDA members and this one requires no rooting, mod or anything. Just allow installation from unknown sources and visit the Instwogram app thread and download the app from the links below the thread. You may also donate to the developer for the update process, as he regularly keeps updating the app and the latest version just hit yesterday. You can just install the Instwogram and enjoy the freedom of using multiple Instagram accounts on the same device, along with lots of other cool features that you shouldn't miss.

2. How to use multiple Instagram accounts on iPhone?

For iOS users, there is a simple app called Fotogramme which you can use to manage multiple Instagram accounts on the go. The app has all the features and search options like you can search using hashtag, location, user name etc. The app is free and also, there is something great- you can see which of your friends don't follow you so that you can just remind them to follow you and get some followers. Get Fotogramme now from Apple App Store and enjoy!!

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

3. How to use multiple Instagram accounts on Windows Phone?

6Tag is a Windows Phone app that you need right now. 6Tag is good enough and it has got some exclusive features.

  • Support non-square images (upload and viewer)
  • Video upload from your phone
  • emoji hashtags
  • Multi-accounts
  • Create custom locations
  • Send and receive direct messages to your contacts
  • Create compelling photo with 'Layout' feature - Blur a part of your image, change strength of filters

The 6Tag app is damn good in terms of features and it contains everything that you need, including the Instagram features. So, don't waste your time Googling about how to use multiple Instagram accounts on your Windows Phone and get the app now.

Developer: Rudy Huyn
Price: Kostenlos+

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