Robot-based vacuum cleaners are the new trend now! Even Xiaomi has a robot vacuum cleaner by the name Mi Robot Vacuum which does everything automated and you can easily control with a mobile app. What if, if you have a robot vacuum cleaner that not only cleans your home but also acts a home security device? Well, it is what JISIWEI Intelligent Company is doing! Its next generation i5 Robot Vacuum has all the features like Mi Robot Vacuum and the home security features too. Let’s see how it works!

i5 Robot Vacuum – How it Works?

Just like a typical robot-based vacuum cleaner, the i5 Robot Vacuum comes with a three-stage cleaning system. The spinning side brushes, Central rolling brush, and a 1000pa suction helps in both sweeping & vacuum the dust. The 120-degree camera in the center helps to watch & record the activities at home, which can also be considered as an in-house security device.

Controlling i5 Robot Vacuum:

Introducing The Next Generation i5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Expected To Hit IndieGoGo Soon - 1Controlling i5 Robot Vacuum is pretty easy. It comes with a native mobile app for both iOS & Android which is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese. You can control everything using the same app even when you’re not around. As the robot-based vacuum cleaner gets connected to Wi-Fi, you can control it while you’re in office too.

Besides a mobile app, you can control the i5 Robot Vacuum using a remote control and also with the buttons on the top. Now, let’s take a look at the key features.

i5 Robot Vacuum – Key Features:

Introducing The Next Generation i5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Expected To Hit IndieGoGo Soon - 2The i5 Robot Vacuum is equipped with all the necessary sensors that make sure it removes all the dust, pet hair, etc. even from extreme corners.

  • Motion Detection: Enabling this feature gives you complete control inside the home as it will push notifications to your mobile app even if it notices the slightest movement. It is very useful when you’re not at home, but want to see if any intruder entered home
  • JISIWEI Navigation 3.0: The navigation system inside the robot Vacuum Cleaner helps determine all possible cleaning routes based on your home conditions. It includes straight line, spiral cleaning, including zig-zag patterns
  • Anti-Crash: With a seven pair of sensors, it is almost impossible for the Vacuum cleaner to crash into your furniture
  •  Anti-Drop: When it comes to near steps, the 4 cliff sensors inside alerts the robot to take another route, as to avoid a drop
  • Auto Charge: The robot has a run time of 90 minutes, and when the battery is getting low, it automatically connects to the dock to recharge.
  • Home Security: This is one of the new features which is the USP for the Vacuum cleaner. Even if you’re at the office, you can see what’s going on inside your home live through the mobile app.

Crowdfunding Campaign on IndieGoGo

Introducing The Next Generation i5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Expected To Hit IndieGoGo Soon - 3With all these features, the i5 Robot Vacuum is, in fact, the next-generation vacuum cleaner. As of now, the product seems to be in a prototype stage, and they need help from the crowd. In the coming 2 days, the crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo will go live which also reveals the perks & pricing for this product. Till then, you can subscribe to their newsletter here to get notifications as well as a special discount.

Update on IndieGoGo Campaign [Apr 30,2017]: 

I got an update from the JISIWEI team on the crowdfunding campaign, and they’re planning to launch the campaign on IndieGoGo on May 15th. Below are the prices:

  • Early Bird Price: $ 199  (50% off on the retail price) for first 250 units
  • $239 for 1 unit 2,000 pcs
  • $249 for 1 unit 5,000 pcs
  • $259 for 1 unit Above 5000pcs    

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