Interview with admin Mr.Shivam Saluja (Exclusive only in igadgetsworld)

Interview with admin Mr.Shivam Saluja (Exclusive only in igadgetsworld) - 4

Interview with admin Mr.Shivam Saluja (Exclusive only in igadgetsworld)

We, Igadgetsworld team got another opportunity in taking an interview with another known young hacker who is admin of  Mr.”Shivam Saluja” aka Technopope,   who was on the member mentioned in   Security Researcher Acknowledgments for Microsoft Online Services for December 2013


We already posted our first interview with Facebook hall of fame Mr.P.B. Surya Subhash, if you missed the interview check it out:

we had a serious question answer session with shivam saluja, and we are mentioning the important questions, let’s get back to the interview part



1. Hi shivam bro! Would you please introduce yourself to igadgetsworld fans?

Sure why not! Hello everyone, This is Shivam Saluja aka Technopope. You guys even know me with the alias of Ixaris (that’s due to a reason, nvm). Before I start up with anything else, I’d like to shout-out for every member and everyone(even haters) who are related to Team LnXr00t in any way.

 2. We heard a lot about lnxroot community, what’s the site is all about? Can you elaborate for our fans bro?

Thanks for this question, Lnxroot was started up as a platform for people who wanted to contribute and share their knowledge related to anything. Unlike other platforms, I always kept it ad-free and free of cost, but somehow people don’t understand the meaning of free services. They started misusing the services, the platform. But whatever it was, I learnt something and it was that whatever people get for free, they don’t respect it. That’s proven for now.Just to make this something exclusive, I’d like to tell you guys that we are soon in the making of a very new and a strict platform, probably paid.

3.Are you working as a team or individual or are you running any team?

 I really don’t think I can do anything individually. I follow the “I cannot do this alone, but if we are together, Yes we can do it” rule.  Its difficult for me to really name anyone specifically as to who has helped me a lot. But I must agree that whenever I asked someone help no one denied it till date. If I even dare to jot down a list of names it will be too long. Still I’d like to include some names that include Gaurav Saluja, Nidhish Dave, Mohan Kumar, Alex, David Ray,Pulkit Agarwal and many more. I am sorry if I didn’t include any name, it would take a day to list all of them l’ll just brainwash myself, its better to move ahead. 

4.When did you start hacking? Why u choose this field?

To everyone’s surprise I never started up as a hacker. I began as a learner, I never knew when I got into hacking. I must thank Mr. Shekhar aka Hackster Shekhar for the motivation initially. He always helped me out for everything when I started. I’ll fail on my duty if i don’t introduce you guys to Mr. Tajinder Singh, he was the one who provided me many platforms to work upon. Regarding the 2nd question, I never chose hacking, I just started up learning and went with the flow.

5. What are your achievements so far?

I never strive for achievements nor I have any achievements till date. I just have friends who’ve always helped me out whenever I needed them. So this is much of a big achievement for me.

6. Are you going to choose security research as your main carrier or anything other?

Certainly not, I never had a mind of a security researcher. I have a political and strategical mind. No, I am not going to join politics either, On the contrary, I’ll apply my mind in some serious business.

7. Have you got any job offers from any MNC or any private hacking groups to join their team?

I never applied or was seeking for any job. So the answer is No. Talking about MNCs and private hacking groups, invitation to jobs or joining the team is for Bug Bounty hunters, I’ve never been into that category. There are 3 levels – constructing, improving, destructing.  I am currently on the construction one. Well yes I have to leap into the destructive level at times due to some reasons which I cannot  mention here.

8.There is been a script shared in facebook which leads to mass tagging and getting likes and followers, any information regarding that script?

I feel that these things come in just to cause extra spam. No one likes being tagged unnecessarily on someone else’s status or photos. Just change your privacy settings regarding tags and all will be fine. Ignoring it is the best thing you could do!

To know more information regarding this issue: please check here

9.How to protect from this kind of stuff?

First thing to protect yourself from these stuff is you need to stop yourself from clicking dubious links or shares. The second you click in, you become a part of this spam cycle and it keeps going on and on.

10.What are your future plans ? are you going to join cyber war?

As I said above, I plan to start some serious business. I do not encourage defacing of websites without any reason, it won’t take us anywhere and cause more bad than good. However, If you got a serious reason, like a super big reason then go ahead but stay safe!

Thanx for the interview shivam saluja, it was very informative and motivational too, I guess every one now must learn some basics in hacking to protect themselves from serious threats, atleast they must be aware of what’s going on the virtual world, and must know which ways are used by hackers to hack the social network accounts, websites for gaining the personal information

Here is the official facebook link of Lnxroot page and you can join the Lnxroot group too

you can contact Lnxroot admin “shivam Saluja” through facebook and for skype: Ixaris

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