Interview with Pakistan’s Youngest Hacker “Muhammad Shahzad”: iGadgetsworld Exclusive

Interview with Pakistan's Youngest Hacker "Muhammad Shahzad": iGadgetsworld Exclusive - 4

 Interview With Pakistan’s Youngest Hacker “Muhammad Shahzad”: iGadgetsworld Exclusive

Interview with Youngest Pakistani's Hacker Muhammad Shahzad

We, iGadgetsworld team made another effort to do the interview with Pakistan’s hacker Muhammad Shahzad, He is one of the top hackers in Pakistan as of now, and he is been seen in many popular websites and media, but this is his first interview online, and we iGadgetsworld are providing exclusive for the readers and visitors, So, why wait, let’s get move on to the interview thing, to know more about this Youngest Pakistan Hacker!

Interview Part:

  1. Hi Muhammad! Can you please introduce yourself to our iGadgetsworld fans?

  Hello iGadgetsworld readers, This is Muhammad Shahzad from Pakistan,  I’m 12 years old and an independent security researcher. I’ve been famous on Pakistani media sites like DunyaNews and some Newspapers like “NawaeWaqt”. I’ve been appreciated by almost every big company which is crossing the boundaries in the field of “Technology”. Many Pakistani TV channels took my interview like Samaa News, pakistantv.

  1. We have seen you in Pakistani media site too, Can you tell about that story for us?

Well, I’ve been getting many achievements so when they get to know about this, they took my interview, took my Pictures and published all over the media sites and then on Sunday I got a call from relative congratulating me that you’re in Newspaper, in fact I didn’t knew about that but that was a great surprise and proud moment in my life.

  1. When did you start hacking? Why you chose this field?

I started hacking in  2010 but at that time I was a newbie and didn’t know much. I learnt a lot and tried hard. After 1 year I was able to get into web servers using SQL injection and other methods. Then I explored web servers for several more years till 2013. Then in November, 2013 I got my first achievement which was a certificate from “Mediafire”.  Then I got a lot of appreciation from my friends, Parents and other professors. Then I worked more and more. From then, I’m a White-Hat hacker who is almost appreciated by all big technology companies like Facebook, Microsoft,  Apple, eBay, Twitter and many more which I’ve not mentioned here.

  1. What are your interests? Whom you treat as your role model? Who inspired you most?

Well, I was inspired by some of  Indian and Pakistani security researchers who were getting listed in different hall of fame every day. I decided to be in the Hall of fame of every big company, today most of the hackers just try sites which are very easy to find bugs and easy to get listed. They don’t have a target. I have targets, which are almost completed as of now,  but only a  few left as I’ve been in major sites!

  1. Are you working alone or you have a team?

  I’ve been working alone in this whole scene.  I just tried, tried and tried. In this field most of the security researchers don’t want others to be on top but the thing is no one can stop a legend.  Few years back, I was like I would be never in any hall of fame, It was just like a dream to me but now, it came true just because of hard work.

  1. How many bugs you found until now? Which is your greatest achievement?

I’ve been reporting bugs to many big companies like Oculus, Rapid7, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, eBay and many but the one which I think was the greatest was Rapid7 and Microsoft.  I found about more than 20 bugs but some of them validated as in this field we get a lot of duplicate vulnerabilities too.


  1. What you want to be in future? Any favorite moment until now?

Well, I didn’t decide it yet but still that would be related to this  field. I received a letter from Microsoft which was signed by my father and then I received “Certificate of Appreciation” from Microsoft so that was the favorite moment for me. 


  1. Other than Hacking, security research, what are your favorite hobbies and interests?

I’ve been a guitarist. Some time I do play guitar but the research is at high priority for me. Well, you’re a blogger and you know that when you are on research so it’s difficult to leave then.

  1. How you manage studies and this? How it will be in front of your friends, are they supportive or using your services?

  Well, I’ve to manage studies as well and I’m studying on Scholarship. The thing is If I can manage it with my basic education then it’s a kind of beneficial for me else its nothing as for a job interview they don’t look at knowledge, they  look at degree so the thing is do it if you can manage your studies with it else leave it.

 My friends didn’t forced me to do any illegal thing but they even didn’t supported me as they were not as high in this field as I’m so they were unable to understand that what I actually do!

 10. What is the best difference you can give a black hat hacker and a white hat hacker?

  Well, Almost both are same. The way they start exploitation is the same but the difference is that they use their skills for different purposes like people card things on others money. Did they ever felt that how would the owner of the card had felt? He had worked hard all over the year to save the money and we just stole it in seconds. That’s not an art and that’s not even “Humanity”. The main thing is that they exploit using the same way, knowledge is same but the purpose is different. It’s up to you how you use your skills.


Muhammad-shahzad-pakistan-youngest-hackerSo, guys, how was our interview with Youngest Pakistan Hacker “Muhammad Shahzad”, he is just 12, and did all this? He isn’t working for bounties, nor for fame, he is doing this just to make sure that Web world is safe from those black hat hackers who steal information and sell it and he is mainly concentrating on promoting his country’s name, We, never thought Even a 12 year old knows this much information regarding Tech stuff, and we are very motivated by doing his interview,

Here are the ways to get in touch with him:

You can like his official page, Follow him on Twitter @mbinshahzad , and he soon going to launch his own site “”, so stay tuned!

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