Jolla’s 1 Million Dollar Celebration Sale- €100 price cut in Jolla smartphone price

Jolla's 1 Million Dollar Celebration Sale- €100 price cut in Jolla smartphone price - 4

Jolla Tablet was recently launched on Nov 19th, it is the world’s first crowdfunded tablet (#PeoplePower). Jolla set a goal to raise $380,000, but it raised a whooping 1 million dollars in less than 40 hours, exactly $1,137,074 (as per now), it is more than 299% of the goal

This is a good initiative for the company to manufacture more Jolla tablets and make them to reach more countries. So in order to celebrate this milestone, Jolla offering a €100 price cut on it’s Jolla smartphones, now the price of Jolla smartphones are €249 ( €100 off comparing to original price €349)



One thing we can’t say is how many units of Jolla smartphones will be sold at €100 off, as far as we know there’s a limited stock available and it’s applicable only from Jolla Eu online shop and for only Jolla smartphones

celebration-sale-offer-jolla-smartphoneThe offer is valid upto Nov 25th and note that the campaign is still running, you can still contribute for the Jolla Tablet and can buy perks ( only one perk is left priced at $209, remaining all are sold out)

Here is the launch video of Jolla Tablet at Slush 2014

As far as we know, Jolla smartphone is a unique one with amazing UI, and with the same features the better version Jolla Tablet will be a success and this campaign proved it, the users showed good interest towards this tablet due to its specs and the gesture control. In future we may see Jolla smartphone 2.0 with more advanced features, There’s no doubt that Jolla tablet is the best competitor for the recently released tablets like Nokia N1, Nexus 9, iPad Mini 3.

jolla-tablet-available-canada-austaraliaJolla Tablet is supposed to be available for China, Hong Kong, India, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, and United States and now it is also made available for Canadian and Australian users too

So, what are you waiting for ? go and buy the Jolla smartphone for just 249 euros and contribute for the Jolla tablet!

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