Meet DomiLamp: A wooden, contactless lamp that acts like dominoes

Meet DomiLamp: A wooden, contactless lamp that acts like dominoes - 4

Just by looking at the title, you may have already guessed what we’re talking about but hey, wait! This is not just another lamp for your study table or dining table. DomiLamp is much more, with the simplicity and beautiful design packed inside and outside, it can be your daily companion, without the hassle of wireless communication standards like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The DomiLamp is a charming light capable of setting the mood in any room and for any situation. The wooden base of DomiLamp provides a natural and minimalist feel, while the control is super simple. One of the best things on DomiLamp is its rotational feature, which lets you control the lighting with the touch of your hand.

Meet DomiLamp: A wooden, contactless lamp that acts like dominoes - 5The name of the lamp has derived from the classic tiles and the lights interact similarly with one another. When two or more DomiLamps are within a certain distance of each other (about 13ft/4m), the light change of one lamp can be easily transmitted to others around it. The lamps which received the change would adjust their light color and intensity to match the first lamp’s light color. This doesn’t just stop, it keeps on spreading as you add more lamps, all will adopt the same kind of illumination and intensity. The rotatory dimmer is probably one of the best things on this lamp. When you need to change the light, all you need to do is to rotate to one of Domi’s many shades. It can adapt colors from a warm orange glow of a flickering candle to the brightest of cool whites. The dimmer also provides vibration feedback so the user is aware when they reach the maximum level of the light intensity.

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DomiLamp comes with inbuilt batteries and can also be used directly, by plugging it into a power source. DomiLamp is perfect to set the mood everywhere – Drom a candlelit dinner at a backyard house party to your study table. The project has also become quite successful as their campaign is going on and they have raised $40,000 already on Kickstarter, you may check out DomiLamp here. And you can grab it right now for as low as $79.

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