Muv – The Worlds fastest Self-Tracking Tripod for Your Smartphone & GoPro

Muv - The Worlds fastest Self-Tracking Tripod for Your Smartphone & GoPro - 4

To record a video or do a video call, you should definitely need to hold your phone with your hands, and this is where everyone faces problem while recording a video as you may end up missing few shots or get tired of holding it for long. Moreover, you may feel you should definitely get a tripod to hold.

Even if you attach your phone to a tripod, it can only be able to record still videos, but it doesn’t show any movements [assuming you are doing a parkour]. So, what would be the ideal solution? Handing your phone, or the tripod to your friend? Well, I don’t think so! Even if you hand it over your friend, you may not see a perfect shot of your stunt, and it requires more time to capture it manually. Now, let me introduce you – Muv, the world’s first self-tracking tripod for your smartphone and GoPro which acts like your official videographer.

Muv – Self-tracking Tripod for your Phone – Features:

Muv & Muv Pro are the two new gadgets developed by a Sydney based Parkour enthusiasts to make the video recording automated. Both Muv & Muv Pro comes with 3 major functions in which Muv has Auto tracking, 360° Panorama & Spherical image capture and the last one is a custom function. On the other side, Muv Pro features Time-lapse, WiFi enabled remote control & just like the Muv, Muv Pro also comes with Custom function. The custom function is just like a favorite button, you can store any special function that you want to feature.Muv Official App

Muv Connects with your phone using Bluetooth and has an official app which features all the functions mentioned above. It is developed using Arduino, which has the ability to interact with the physical world. So, how does it track the person and moves the camera?

It is done using the tags – Mini & Max tags.To make things simple these tags emits Infrared light which Muv receives it. So, whoever wears the tag Muv bases it and tracks the Muv’ment.

Mini tag & Magnetic clip
Mini tag & Magnetic clip

The Mini tag can be used indoors with a 10m range. Besides mini tag, a magnetic clip is also there so you can use it on the garments which won’t be shown while recording any video.

Max tag

Max tags can be used outdoors [especially for the outdoor videos like parkour] and it comes with a range of 20m. Both the tags have a battery life of 4 hours & the Muv comes with a battery life of 5-8 hours which only requires 1 hour to completely charge. Using the Muv, you can also recharge your phone, tags using the USB port.

Simply set up your phone on the mobile holder, open the Muv app, select the mode and just tap your tag, Muv will start recording automatically & tracks your Muv’ment too.

Back the Project on KickStarter:

Isn’t that tripod innovative? wondering how you can get one? The project is live on Kickstarter & the team has already backed around $17.7K dollars. You can also back the project to get one for yours.

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