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Need a Google inbox invite ? wait by 5PM PT it's #InboxHappyHour today


google-inbox-inviteNeed a Google Inbox invite ? tried all the giveaways but failed ? well here is a good news for those users who didn't got a chance to experience the inbox from Google. A small tweet from inbox team surprised us it's #InboxHappyHour today

Google already sent some batch of invites to all the existing users, so they can invite others, but still many of the members didn't get a chance to use this app, so Google trying to conduct a "Happy Hour" between 3PM (PT) and 4PM (PT), in between this one hour users need to e-mail at inbox@google.com for getting the invite ( like the old times ) but here is the thing, there is a guaranteed invite from google inbox team this time, you will surely get an invite for inbox after 5PM (PT) today (In indian time it's around 6:30AM, so this seems that you need to mail in between 4:30AM to 5:30AM)

How cool is that? so make sure you send the mail to inbox@google.com at the exact time today and grab a chance to get an invite, so better don't waste your time in trying the double login in google account of others, switching between accounts, these methods are already saturated, and we already made many giveaways in our official facebook page, you can go through the page regarding the giveaway

Note: Only Personal gmail accounts can access the inbox while in beta, the working e-mail can't access it even if you use google apps to sign-in

So are you ready to get an invite #InboxHappyHour today

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