Robot Bartenders – You Might Meet One In Your Nearby Bars Very Soon!

The well-known “Hey, bartender” phrase will become old-fashioned. For most, the term “bartender” denotes an employee that fills the drinks and making cocktails. But today, it can also mean a sophisticated robot that is pouring precisely, pre-programmed beverages. The phrase “robo-drink”, as most are called, describes a hybrid, the human bartender is aided by a mechanical device. Bars use now apps, tablets, downloads, credit-card swipers and other interactive components. For now, you don’t find these into regular taverns, but into gaming facilities. The high-technology bar meets the casino world at the crossroads. Over the past few years, many companies have introduced their own versions of the robot bartenders, and we’ve picked our top 3 favorites. The list goes like this –

Makr Shakr 3.0 – A Bionic Bartender

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By shaking, rattle and rolling, Makr Shakr 3.0 provides a drink. The robotic bartender won’t have human conversation skills, but it will make a good cocktail. Makr Shakr is deployed in Las Vegas and Biloxi. The robot is doing all the actions of a bartender, from shaking to muddling. Robots don’t make mistakes, as they mix the doses with extreme precision.

The spirit bottles can be stored alongside syrups, sodas, juices, lemons, and limes. The customers can give the order to the robot bartender with the help of an app from one of the bar’s tablet stations, by adding the name, date of birth and select a drink.

After receiving the order, the robot washes off the shaker dries it and places an empty cup on the counter. Ice is poured and the spirits are drawn from a ceiling-mounted bottle that comes with a custom valve. After that, a garnish, like a lemon is added. The robotic arm will shake and stir the drink before pouring it. All this work is accompanied by music.

The entertainment caught the eye of Las Vegas entrepreneur, Rino Armeni. He discovered the Makr Shakr on the internet and contacted the company. What was next, was the distribution of the world’s first robotic bartender. People have a lot of fun with this, they like to see how the robots respond to the request.

Most of the automated bars and robots are found in live casinos, the future presents fewer bartenders and more robots. While the casino resort is equipped with physical tables and machines. Meanwhile, the online casino shows the technological advancements of the casino. If this is the future, people will no longer need a gaming hall from a casino resort, it will be enough for the resort to be equipped with servers and have an Internet wifi access for customers. The customer will enjoy a fine drink, made by either a creative bartender or a robot while playing some casino slots at the bar.

Makr Shakr mixes entertainment with automation and flair with imagination. The product is found to be extremely exciting for people who are looking for a way of entertaining themselves. The fact that they are robots, they are able to produce the perfect drinks every single time. In all that, it’s technology that people appreciate.

The Evo Bar

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Bar Evolution is based in Las Vegas and has inspirational roots from Germany. It is a bartender-support device, Evo, and is used at grand scale nightclubs, sports stadiums, festivals, and cruise ships. Evo is installed in Europe and it was used in concert and festivals, it served more than 2.7 millions of people in the past year. The company wants to place Evo into the gaming world as well.

Evo can mix any cocktail, up to 40 ingredients in just three seconds. The device made nearly 90.000 cocktails during a three-month period without failure and interruption. This resulted that the device is of high quality and it can connect to any ingredient source.  Evo helps casino operators to serve exotic and popular cocktails. The device is driven by Hydromix technology and it is paired with control software. Evo is a tool that supports the bartenders. The Seven Feathers Casino from Oregon served the gaming floor quests in less than the usual time, from 20 minutes down to less than 9.


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Smartender is created by the Smart Bar company in Henderson, Nevada. It is a self-contained portable device that can pour different cocktail choices, from martini to specialty drinks, from juices to soft drinks, all at the touch of a button. Any authorized individual can use it.

Smartender is equipped with a selection menu which is tapped by the bartender. Ice is taken from a dispenser, glass is prepared and the is perfectly poured in seconds.

Smartender is used in stadiums, theaters, hotels, and casinos. The automated bar service is gaining momentum.

Well, that’s our favorite list of top 3 robot bartenders that are touted to bring a whole lot of difference in mixing different cocktails for you. Have you noticed any of these in your nearby bars? If yes, share your opinion in the comment section.

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