Sharp Unveils a Foldable Phone Prototype but…it has a NOTCH Problem!!

There’s no doubt that foldable phones are going to be the future. In fact, Samsung & Huawei have already debuted their concepts public while other companies such as Xiaomi and Motorola are working on their concepts. In a recent teaser, Xiaomi showcased a new UI for its foldable phones. Sharp, the Japanese Electronics company which started the bezel-less trend has been in news again with its foldable phone prototype. Sharp has finally unveiled a prototype foldable phone which is going to be out in the coming months but probably with newer looks.

As first reported by OLED-info, Sharp has not included two screens, instead, the foldable phone has a single screen which can be folded vertically like the Nubia alpha. Folding the phone will aid in protecting the device with scratches from usage as when the device is in standby the display of the device is not exposed. Why not watch the below video to understand more?

Although the smartphone design trends are moving away from the Notch and had already introduced hole punch displays, the foldable phone from Sharp still comes with a notch. The phone has a 6.18-inch AMOLED display with a 1440×3040 resolution which is rated at 300,000 folds. In case if you’re looking for a durability test of a foldable phone, Samsung has put its Galaxy Fold smartphone to a folding test of 200,000 tests.

Anyway, the bad news is, we are going to see the production unit from Sharp in the “next few years” which can end up a pretty long time for us to wait. Other OEMs like Motorola, Xiaomi, Oppo, have already started working on their foldable phone versions which we will be able to see very soon. It’s true that Sharp is not just a smartphone brand but before that, it provides LCD & LED displays to other OEMs. Debuting the prototype foldable phone has made it clear that Sharp has also got the tech to create flexible screens/displays for foldable phones. In fact, this is going to aid their business, but as mentioned, we might need to wait a few more years to actually experience Sharp’s foldable phone.

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