Nokia X sold out in 4 minutes

Nokia X sold out in 4 minutes - 4

SavedPicture-201432525736.jpgLooks like Nokia is gonna be a new threat to many other Android handset manufacturers with the launch of Nokia X Android smartphone. And statistics says it all. At Beijing time 10 O’clock, when it was out for preorders, the first batch of Nokia X sold out in only 4 minutes and that was numbered to be ten thousand. That means more that 40 handsets went out of the stock every second and as the craze is mostly developing in Asian countries, US may get it a little later, though the second batch of Nokia X is set to go out for sale on March 31st in China. And the main reason behind this kind of craze os definitely it’s configuration and value for money, which people want most in developing countries and countries like China, India, Thailand and most Asian countries just because they hate using a phone for years and wanna get upgraded as soon as a new phone arrives at the market. At this point, we can expect it to be a largely selling phone in most countries with a good price tag which suits the pocket. Keep checking us to get the latest updates and if you have anything to know drop it in the comments box or for any suggestions ask us. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

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