OnePlus Issue with Cyanogen resolved, Indian One users will receive OTA updates

Remember the OnePlus Issue with Cyanogen regarding the OTA updates for Indian users ? This was raised after the official launch of OnePlus One in India ( Dec 2014). There were many misconceptions and most of the blogs spread-ed false reports regarding this issue which placed the OnePlus One users in dilemma.
Nothing to worry about this issue anymore as it is resolved now. All the legal proceedings are resolved from both sides and the cases regarding this have been withdrawn through mutual consent.

Speaking on this settlement, Vikas Agarwal, General ManagerIndia, OnePlus said, “OnePlus remains vindicated of the recent trials and tribulations that has surrounded the company due to legal tussle with Micromax over exclusivity on CyanogenOS. We are happy to confirm that all ‘OnePlus One’ users in India will continue to receive OTA updates from Cyanogen in-line with our users in markets around of the world.”

No more problems in receiving OTA updates from Cyanogen for OnePlus one Indian users, isn’t it a good news for OPO fans ?