OnePlus One spotted to be running on Jolla’s Sailfish OS

OnePlus One spotted to be running on Jolla's Sailfish OS - 4

Yup! it’s true, OnePlus One is spotted to be running on Jolla’s own Sailfish OS. Martin Brook of Jolla posted a photo today which shows a device spotted to be the flagship killer of 2014 (OnePlus One) running on Sailfish OS.

This is a great achievement for the OnePlus One which makes it to be in the line of smartphones which are capable of running other mobile OS in addition to their existing OS.

Guess how he’s able to make the OnePlus one to run on Sailfish ? Well it is done by using Sailfish OS’s Hardware Adaptation Kit which can be also be used for Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Samsung galaxy S3/S4 and Nexus 7 to achieve the same.

Read more about the Sailfish Ks Hardware Adaptation Development Kit here

Since last year OnePlus One had made it’s unique mark in terms of Custom mod Android. In addition to Cyanogen mod ROM, some other official ROMS can also be flashed for OnePlus One.

Mark, on the same tweet promised that he will post the How To? tutorial soon when he return back from MWC 2015. In case you want to give a try, just read the Sailfish Hardware Adaption Development kit tutorial.

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