Prisma for Android is now officially available on the Google Play Store

Prisma for Android is now officially available on the Google Play Store - 4

Prisma, the app which has taken over the whole social media has finally landed in the Google Play Store. The app got immense popularity when launched on iOS and we even tried the Prisma for Android beta version as we had got an invite, all thanks to the Prisma team. Now, it’s officially available and you can install it and convert your boring photos into striking paintings.

The beat testing was initially close and over a Facebook chat with one of the team members, I got to know that the beta app got 300,000 downloads within a few hours. Well, that’s a huge number. And so Prisma is trying hard to keep the momentum and hit the market as fast as possible. However, the beat was available for just merely a day or a few hours I can say. At that time, I encountered quite a few bugs as well, but now it’s time we see how much they have put their efforts in making it public.

Prisma for Android
Prisma for Android

The iOS and Android app has no difference at all, as Prisma co-founder revealed to us and on each platform users will enjoy the same features including all the 35 filters that are currently available. Though, Alexy also said that we might get up to 40 filters by the completion of one month of the app. And yes, probably we will miss some filters soon as they revealed that they may even replace some old but popular filters with some new ones.

Along with this launch, Prisma gets another boost and probably within a month of so we would be getting the video support as well. Till then, enjoy Prisma on your Android phone. You can download the app from Google Play Store, we have added the direct app box, just click to get started. Enjoy!

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