Reos Lite – A Smart LED Bulb for Everyone with Everything You’ll Need!

Reos Lite - A Smart LED Bulb for Everyone with Everything You'll Need! - 4

In the age where smart home solutions has become a neighborhood name, affordability is a factor that has stopped the technology from becoming disruptive. Reos Lite, an affordable IoT-based light manufactured by Cube26 (an Indian company) is determined to break the barrier and go past it . Good news for all those who had little money/energy to make your home smart – you can start with one bulb at a time.

Reos Lite comes in a cylindrical neat packaging and the moment you open you’d see a little-above-average sized bulb sitting inside comfortably. All you need is an adaptor and once you download the Reos app from the Playstore/App store, you are good to go.

Reos Lite - A Smart LED Bulb for Everyone with Everything You'll Need! - 5
The app was not found in the store. :-(

Once you have set the bulb set up in a nice place, pair it to your phone through Bluetooth. You can also give a name to every bulb you have installed. Like every other smart bulb in the market, Reos can do these basic things:

Color Palette

With a wide color palette of up to 16 million color options, you can just use the slider and change the color instantly.


Not only can you change the colors, you can even define the intensity of the color. Not too bright and not too dull, yeah I know.

Now that we have seen the run of the mill features, here are the cool options that you can play around with:


Right from party colors to romantic candle light dinner colors to jingle bells, you name it they have it.

If you are a “Let’s keep it simple” person and you just want a plain reading light, there’s a reading mode.  If you’re loathing over President Trump and are nostalgic, they have a kaleidoscope mode for you to sit and stress yourself over and over again. But if you think all this is a huge game and would want to settle with a beer in front of a TV show, switch to the movie mode.

Yes, didn’t I tell you? It’s a bulb for everyone with everything you need.

Reos Lite Music Synchronization

What I personally loved in the light is the Reos Music app with which the light syncs its color with the beats. While it’s no DJ at a party, for a house party that you might have, you can just keep the music on auto-play, switch on the party mode and paaarrddyy like there’s no tomorrow.

Reos Music


As with any other smart device you might have come across, you can tune the bulb to flicker and alert you for specific events such as a call, a message from someone or even an Uber arrives or a Swiggy/Bigbasket delivery sends you a notification. That being said, I can’t imagine anyone sitting in front of the light for it to show a notification for a delivery but if it’s an add-on feature, hey, I’ll take another serving.

Reos Alerts

With the alerts and scheduler, it can remind you things on your to-do list or even alert you for a tag on Facebook.

Reos is also supposed to learn from your usage as it is artificially intelligent. I’d have personally liked an option to save my preferences so that I don’t have to do it every time I switch it on. I’d have also liked it if the time it takes for pairing to the bulb were to be reduced in half. But again, these are issues bound to be fixed as it grows.

So if you are someone who’s been waiting to try your hand at smart home solutions without burning a hole in your pocket, you should grab Reos at a price of INR 1699. For the plethora of features, Reos gives you at that price point, you won’t regret shelling out your money.

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