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Rice Bucket Challenge: A new social trend goes viral in India


Rice Bucket challenge goes viral now in India like as ice bucket challenge, Indians started this new social trend they are not behind other countries anyway, and they proved it again. (#RiceBucketChallenge)

rice1Recently, Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral around the globe. World leaders like Barack Obama and tech giant CEOs like Satya Nadella an Mark Zuckerberg have already taken the challenege. But here, in India, the plot is different. All the credit goes to Manju Latha Kalanidhi, a journalist based in Hyerabad. She got the iea of Rice Bucket Challenge and had the thought that in India, everyday around 7000 people die out of hunger, while thousands of tonnes of food is wasted. So, we could give some food to people who really need it. It is a kind of idea, that you will also think about: "Why didn't I think about it?" Well, all people are not the same and some people have got very brilliant ideas. She asked for help from friends to cook or buy one bucketful of rice and feed the poor in the locality. One can also donate medicines worth Rs. 100 to the nearest government hospital. “It’s local, desi and a practical solution to issues in the vicinity. Instead of wasting water on ice bucket challenge, save water and feed the hungry,” Manju Latha wrote on her Facebook page.

The challenge is simple: you take a bowl/ bag or even a bucket of rice and donate it to the needy. You may click a picture, put it on social media and challenge your friends to do it.  Here's what you need to do. rice2Well, the rules are pretty simple an you don't need to shoot any video and waste time uploading it. And the response on the social media is just massive ad I can also say that it will go far ahead. 

So here's how the GiveIndia Rice Bucket Challenge is going to works: you can either donate a bucket of rice or make a donation of Rs. 500 towards providing a meal to the poor. To find a local charitable institution, search here or visit www.guidestarindia.org or www.karmayog.org. If you prefer to donate money, some simple options are given below:
  1. Provide mid-day meal for two children for a month for Rs. 500
  2. Sponsor an Annamrita Midday meal for an academic year for 2 children studying in a Govt. aided School for Rs. 900
  3.  Feed a very poor child a mid-day meal at school for a year for Rs. 1000
And remember most importantly to nominate 5 of your friends to then take up this Challenge. Post your pictures/ videos on your Facebook page/YouTube and share with hashtag of #RiceBucketChallenge.




Krupal Kasyap takes up the challenge and nominated a few more people.


Vidyashree Dharmaraj, a journalist from Coimbatore takes up the challenge



Are you up for the  Desi challenge ?



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