Samsung’s Smart Tv with independent panel-concept by Vladimir Ogorodnikov

Samsung’s Smart Tv with independent panel-concept by Vladimir Ogorodnikov - 4

wpid-SmartTVwithindependentpanel06thumbSamsung Smart Tv with independent panel is a conceptual smart Tv designed by Russian designer  Vladimir Ogorodnikov,so what actually is this Samsung’s Smart Tv ? Is it also impractical like as i discussed about Optimus Maximus in my earlier post,wireless keyboard concept have a look at it.

so what is this Samsung’s Smart Tv?

well this is not an ordinary Tv where we watch our cartoons,films,songs,news and some boring serials etc, this smart Tv is a highly advanced Tv in which you can browse the content,directly access the youtube,search the videos,watch movies online through netfilxand some other movie rental sites etc and a whole lot of new applications inside this Smart Tv.This is a full HD LED 3D smart Tvwhere you can video chat with HD through Skype ,browse internet etc.

what’s the big deal in it?wpid-SmartTVwithindependentpanel02thumb

This smart Tv specifications and features are similar to other Smart Tv’s that are available in the market which was made several other manufactures like Sony’s Braviapanasonic Viera.etc but this Samsung Smart Tv has an additional independent Panel and can work independently with gestures.This smart Tv not only functions as Tv but also functions as a Time piece or clock where you can adjust either to digital or analog values.

Now you don’t need to go outside and look at the window to guess the temperature and weather as you can see the temperature in this smart Tv‘s independent panel,and also you can get current rates of currencies,weather etc in a single push button.

The design is so smooth and stylish as if you can see in the images.go through all the images for better understanding about this concept samsung’s smart Tv with independent panel.

Features of Samsung’s Smart Tv: (in short)

  • Smart Tv with an independent Panel
  • watch all the Tv shows like normal Tv and can browse Internet
  • have access to Youtube,skype and some other social networking sites
  • Displays time in both digital and analog form
  • It can show Time,weather,currency rates etc
  • have in-built Radio
  • design is so stylish and sleek

Thanx to designer Vladimir Ogorodnikov for such a great concept of Samsung’s smart Tv.

here are some more images of Samsung’s Smart Tv with independent panel designed by Vladimir Ogorodnikov

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