Samsung Galaxy Fold Is Ready To Be Reintroduced

Folding smartphones are one of the new trends towards which some of the giants are moving. Samsung and Huawei are at a fierce race of introducing folding smartphone to consumers and well, Samsung Launched its Galaxy Fold a while ago, and it turned out to be a disaster. Samsung had to admit that there were flaws in the design of Galaxy Fold and started working on fixing it, and now, Bloomberg has reported that Samsung is ready for Galaxy Fold 2.0.

After working on the product for two more months, Samsung believes that it can bring the Galaxy Fold to the consumers once again. Earlier, when the protection on the display was peeled off, the display started malfunctioning. But Samsung is now in the final stages of producing a commercial version. This tip comes from people who are familiar with the developments.

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As per the report by Bloomberg, Samsung has now stretched the protective film to wrap around the entire screen so that it can’t be peeled off. Also, Samsung has re-engineered the hinge making it push a bit upward from the screen so that the film stretches further when the phone opens and the tension makes the film feel harder and more natural. Also, the re-engineered hinge would reduce the chance of a crease developing in the middle of the screen.

It is not very clear when the new Samsung Galaxy Fold will arrive, but we can expect that Samsung may either re-launch it quietly or may unveil it on August 7, on its Unpacked Event in New York, while the company launched the flagship Galaxy Note 10. Earlier, the Galaxy Fold was priced at a whopping $1980, and it was like a collector’s antique that very few consumers were likely to buy. But after all the goof-ups, and lots of negative talks on social media and web, regarding folding phone and also due to the fierce competition with Huawei, all we can expect now is that the price doesn’t go up again!

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