Sportskeeda App Review: A must have App for Sports Lovers

Sportskeeda App Review: A must have App for Sports Lovers - 4

Sportskeeda, a leading sports website has come up with their own app, Sportskeeda Live, which is still in beta, but despite that, the app has attracted a lot of users with its brilliance. So, today we will be reviewing the app in details so that people can get a sneak peek into how it works, what it does. So, let’s get started.

Why Sportskeeda?

Many of you might have been wondering why should you use this new app instead of some other apps like ESPN, Cricbuzz, Yahoo, Start Sports etc. That’s normal, but the fact is that not all apps are customizable according to user’s needs, but Sportskeeda is far ahead in case of this. There are some apps like Cricbuzz which offers everything related to cricket, but what about checking out the French Open or UEFA Champions League? You need to install another app and that makes you switch between apps now and then, but on Sportskeeda, you get everything related to every sport you love.

What’s special, that got our attention?

Sportskeeda has got every single sport that you can think about and the list is long, really long with 41 in total. That list immediately blew my mind. That kind of catalogs is not available on any other sports app. Also, the UI is extremely clean and don’t have complicated and long menus for customization. Just open, tap on your favorite sports and you’re ready to rock like a boss.sportskeeda_main_screen

How is Sportskeeda different from other Sports Apps?

Sportskeeda has a huge catalog which you will rarely find on any other sports app, besides it has got a very attractive and clean UI. Also, it is very tiny in case of size and also consumes very less data, so that you never run out of your data plan using this app. Most of the apps like ESPN, Yahoo Sports consume a high amount of data and also, they are huge in case of size, but we found a perfect combination of being lightweight and less data consumption in Sportskeeda Live app.

How does it perform better than other apps?

Well, it is better than other sports apps in many ways, about which we will talk in detail:

1. Design: The app has been designed beautifully, following the Google’s Material Design guidelines, so the app looks great with a clean and simple UI, it has just three tabs one for news, one for everything trending in real time and the last one for making changes to your preferences.sportskeeda_tab

2. Functionality: The app functions according to your choices. Love Formula One or Squash? Turn it into an F1 or Squash app. So, it works for you the way you want, no updates from other games, just real updates about the games you love.

3. Features: For now, it will be providing live updates, but in coming weeks, the app plans to integrate leaderboards, points tables, and live scores more prominently. As per the Sportskeeda team, they wish to redefine what a sports app should be, and what it should do for a sports lover. They wish to build something that they would want to use for following sports themselves.

4. Storage and Data usage: The app is really small at just 4MB, and it consumes much lesser data than any conventional mobile app or mobile website. Sportskeeda app’s homepage consumes a staggering ~95% less data than any conventional WAP page, and reading an article consumes ~98% less data. This has mainly got to do with the architecture of the app, and the general advantages which come with lightweight objects in data transfer. And you can see this in the screenshot which ran during the test.
sportskeeda_data5. Sharing options: There are sharing options within the app so that you can share everything you want from the world of sports with your friends. The interface shows Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, along with a ‘Others’ option which you can use to share over other apps or messengers as well. sportskeeda_sharingThe Sportskeeda app, despite being in beta has crossed a thousand downloads from Play Store within a week and has also got 4.9 rating. Here’ you can clearly see some reviews and also the stats, out of 70 reviewers 63 people have rated Sportskeeda app with 5 stars, 6 guys gave 4 stars and only one person, till now has given 1 star, which we also think is for some unknown reasons.sportskeeda_rating_review

So, you can clearly see how this app has become so popular within a week, however, improvements are being made over the last few days and the updates will bring more features to the Sportskeeda app.

Price: Free
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