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Thermoelectric charging-concept by Shuguang Li and Xiaoping Chen



Thermoelectric charging a concept designed by Shuguang Li and Xiaoping Chen which is a revolutionary and innovative concept.let’s back to basic principles of physics,this conceptual charger converts the thermal energy into electrical energy and that electric energy is used to charge our smartphones and some other electronic gadgets,here the Heat-electricity conversion storage devices uses a thermoelectric material to store and transfer the heat waste from electricity and then converts it and utilises it.

well that’s a innovative idea right,the losses i mean heat waste (thermal) transferred to electrical energy,this charger uses this unique idea and designed based on this concept.good design has been made by

Shuguang Li and Xiaoping Chen and the charger is sharp and stylish,

Now you don’t need to worry more about the electricity bill you can save lot of energy by this concept.one of the good example of green technology so far..

some more images of Thermoelectric charging-concept by Shuguang Li and Xiaoping Chen , click to enlarge,

Image credits: Designer  Shuguang Li and Xiaoping Chen


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