This Comcast representative is may be the worst representative in the whole world

This Comcast representative is may be the worst representative in the whole world - 4

When you call your cable internet service to disconnect the service, it may be a headache. In many other cases, calling customer care may lead to waste of a lot of time. In India, if you go for changing your network operator, you will somewhat be pretty irritated by stupid questions like ‘Why are you shifting to another operator?’. Well, the answer should be simple like ‘Your operator doesn’t provide me good service, I’m going for a better one’ . And you should get the confirmation and the MNP token soon, but in this case, what Ryan Block, a tech journalist faced is maybe the worst case you have heard about.

He wanted to disconnect the Comcast service and called the customer care asking if he could disconnect the service over the phone. The representative was more than persistent — he sounded aggressive and inappropriate based on the eight-minute snippet from the conversation Block posted on SoundCloud.

The portion starts at about 10 minutes in, so the whole conversation latest for about 20 minutes. And this is because his wife Veronica had been talking over the phone, when the case did not settle Ryan himself called and recorded the 2nd part of the conversation with the Comcast representative. Even after Block had said that he did not insist to tell the reason why he wanted to disconnect their service, the representative kept on pushing.

“Why don’t you want faster speed?” the rep asked. Block patiently and calmly asked if it was possible for the representative to disconnect his service by phone, asking for a simple yes or no answer. And he was continuing with the argument about why he did not want the speed and disconnecting the service. Finally, he was able to diconnect the service, but the representative told him that it will take about 3 weeks to get the confirmation. So, his wife Veronica had to go to the store to double-check whether their service had been disconnected or not.

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