TkTechNews started a campaign to get $100,000 for @evleaks

TkTechNews started a campaign to get $100,000 for @evleaks - 4

In our previous post we described why @evleaks is going to retired and in the interview with Thenextweb, the @evleaks founder Evan Blass explained who will be the next big leaker  and it’s none other than TkTechNews, now TkTechNews started a medical campaign in Indiegogo to get some funds to save @evleaks, and the amount to be raised as funds is fixed as $100,000 and this campaign is stated a few hours back and it will run up to 46 days, i.e., up to September 18th.

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Already contribution for the campaign started and up to now (while writing this post) $811 has been raised funded by 31 contributors, here is the Video explaining about this Evleaks funding  campaign:


With this campaign Evan Blass (founder of @Evleaks) can recover and get healthy and can be able to meet the Medical costs and he can be able to get to the leaking thing again,

Evan Blass also tweeted about this campaign in his official twitter @evleaks:


 we all know what Evan Blass did in the tech news and leaking things, his many leaks are exact to the real smartphones and mostly he is been one of the best leaker untill now, and no one wants Evan to leave the @evleaks and get retire!

we all can contribute and save @evleaks and make Evan Blass to get proper medical care and return home as a healthy person, and do the leaking stuff again!

Evan’s retirement will make a great impact in gadgets site, No rumors will be out, and people won’t trust the leaks and they treat everything as they are photo shopped as they were not from the known source, it’s been 2 years @evleaks started and it gained a mass followers in twitter like more than 180K followers

But with this campaign funding , we are not only able to make Evan to get back to Tech community, but also we are saying our sincere gratitude towards his work for the tech community,  and i hope everyone do know about the disease that Evan Blass is suffering and i wish everyone contribute to save him and his work!

You can read the complete story in

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Credits: TK O’Connor aka T.K.

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