Top 5 features of Android Marshmallow we can’t wait for to see in action

Top 5 features of Android Marshmallow we can't wait for to see in action - 4

Yesterday, it was revealed the Android M will be called as Android Marshmallow, and with that the latest update is about to arrive to Nexus devices first of all and then it will be available for other devices as well. We already know about a few features but testing everything practically is another thing, so here we are with the Top 5 features of Android Marshmallow that we’re too eager to test and I think most of the Android fans out there will be curious to know what’s so special in it, so let’s get started.

Top 5 features of Android Marshmallow

1. Permission Managerpermissions_android_m

The first in our Top 5 features of Android Marshmallow is something which is related to user’s privacy. Some people want more privacy and do not prefer installing apps that require a lot of permissions. So, from now on when you install and app and start it for the first time you can manage the permissions it will have on your phone. You can disable the permissions that you think will hamper your privacy. Pretty good for people who just wants to use selected features on any app, it lets them set specific permissions based upon their style of usage.

2. Memory Trackermemory_tracker_android_m

many people fight with memory issues on their smartphones, if you’re not one of those who uses a moderate number of apps, then this feature will definitely help you. Some hardcore users install hundreds of apps, and geeks always want to get the performance at the same time. So, you can see which Memory tracker which apps are consuming the most amount of memory on your device and it will help you boost your device performance.

3. Fingerprint Accessandroid-m-fingerprint-support

We have been looking at this feature for unlocking phones, now for quite some time on devices starting from the Galaxy S5. And now, you can do more. Now with fingerprint access you can log in into multiple accounts or devices and can even authorize Google Play Store purchases, it makes secure to log in once into any account and then using your fingerprint to access the app.

4. Auto Backupandroid-m-auto-backup

This is something that will be helpful for those guys who keep on flashing different ROMs like I have been doing, using MIUI on Coolpad F1 (Micromax Canvas Nitro in India) and install apps again and again, sometimes they can’t recover app data and get into trouble. But now, Google will save all your app data in cloud, however that will limited to 25MB data per per app.

5. Power Saving

Top 5 features of Android Marshmallow also includes power saving which will enable users to make their phone run longer than ever. The Doze Mode will automatically detect that your phone is running out of battery and there are apps running in background which have not been used for a while. And it will automatically kill those apps, giving you extra standby time.


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