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Top Apps to prevent theft and to track the lost or Stolen Android Devices

Top Apps to prevent theft and to track the lost or Stolen Android Devices, Smart phones has become the mans virtual best friend and also a safety locker for all your content. Your smartphone is a little of everything: A diary, Photo album, a gaming machine, a wallet, a bank account and more all rolled together in one convenient, internet connected electronic device. Unfortunately, the same convenient electronic device can be stolen, leading to loss of all personal data along with your beloved smartphone which costs many dollars.

So it is very much necessary to prevent the lose using customized application designed to suit any of the android device in the market. If phone is lost already, still you can get into your Play store from any of the PC and track your phone, were it is situated. The complete process explained below.

The top rated app available in the play store is Device manager. Click here for direct play store link

Step-1: Download the application Device Manager and sign it with your Google account

Device Manager.apk


Step-2: Go to Settings in your phone and click locations and enable google location and reporting and enable all location related setting available.

Step-3: Open play store in your laptop and sign in with the account details that you have used for the device manager in your smartphone

Step-4: Go to settings in the play store, and click the device manager. Check the snapshots below for the better understanding.

Device manager and its use


Step-5: Click on the the Android Device manager. It will show the phone location with some commands that you can perform on your phone like

  • You can make your phone ring, in times when you misplace the phone
  • You can erase and the device
  • You can erase and security lock the device.

Device manager snapshot


This is how you can use Device manager to track your phone and can use this app to protect your device from getting stolen.

Top Apps to prevent theft and to track the lost or Stolen Android Devices - 3
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