Tor Messenger: Now Chat With Full Anonymity

Tor Messenger: Now Chat With Full Anonymity - 4

Most of the people who are too concerned bout their privacy must have heard about Tor Brpwer which was a part of Tor project with the mission of keeping people anonymous. The Tor Porject has launched just another product, and honestly it’s kind of cool idea. They have released the Tor Messenger, a chat client that allows for anonymous, “off-the-record” chats based on Tor’s secure system.

The Tor Messenger is based upon the IM client InstantBird, but the main thing that has been added to it is the privacy. Now, it will let people more private, seamless, accessible way to chat on the web, securely and protecting their privacy.

Tor Messenger integrates the “Off-the-Record” (OTR) to encrypt messages and routes them via their network, just like the Tor Browser do. And the good news is that, Tor Messenger supports Windows, Mac and Linux. Also, it has good a good number of supported platforms. Here are those-
  • Jabber (XMPP) chat protocol
  • IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
  • Facebook Chat
  • Google Talk
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo!
  • Desktop clients like Adium for Mac and Pidgin for Windows

How to use Tor Messenger?

  1. It’s actually very easy, just download the Tor Messenger from here
  2. Now, install it on your PC
  3. Log in to your preferred service
  4. When you log in, you will be able to chat securely and anonymously

What’s the future of Tor Messenger?

In future, Tor has plans to add more features to this anonymous and secure chat client and here is the list of u[pcoming features tht we will see soon-

  • Sandboxing (for increased security)
  • Automatic updates
  • OTR for Twitter DMs
  • Better support for Tor’s protocols
  • Secure multi-party communication (np1sec)
  • Encrypted File Transfers
So, if you like privacy, anonymity just go ahead and give it a try. Enjoy secure chatting over Tor Messenger!!
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