Touchless control to every Android device: A Simple Trick

Touchless control to every Android device: A Simple Trick - 4

Moto X and Nexus devices have great feature that allows the users to access Google now from anywhere, even through the lock screen. Just like SIRI in iphone, Google has enable the feature of voice recognition, even your phone is in lock mode. It was named as “TOUCHLESS CONTROL” in Moto X. Read more about the Moto X review and its upcoming device and greatest competitor “Moto X+1” smartphone. The touchless control enables the users to use their smartphone to have live interaction and it looks as if you are talking with your phone. The siri feature in Iphone is not well advanced the way “Motorola” and “Google” has developed in “Android”.

We made a trick to make “Touchless control” to enable in all android devices, so that you can use the “Ok Google” feature. Follow the below procedure  to activate the “Touchless control”


The above feature “TOUCHLESS CONTROL” can be enabled in any android device using a very small trick, which doesnt need any rooting or custom rom procedures.

  1. You need to download two apps “Google now” and “Google now Launcher”.OK GOOGLE NOW FOR ANY ANDROID
  2. Install both the apps in your android device: “Google now” and “Google now Launcher”.
  3. Open Google Now
  4. Search for “OK Google everywhere
  5. Click any link [may be unnecessary but I did it]
  6. Back out to Google Now
  7. Go to Settings>Voice
  8. Audio History and Anywhere Detection should now be available as settings.
  9. Select language as US ENGLISH, as Default language.

One suggestion that we’d like to give Google is giving an option for customizing the hot word. Considering the fact that Google’s Android is the World’s most selling operating system, once folks get a hang of this voice assistant, we’ll start listening to “Ok Google” everywhere. A personalize hot-word would come really handy for. This helps 

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A Simple Trick to activate “Touchless control” make any android device to access “OK GOOGLE” from Anywhere. 

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