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[Trick] Install unlimited apps/games to Dev Unlocked WindowsPhone 8.1 device!


Install unlimited apps/games to Dev Unlocked WindowsPone 8.1 device


Earlier when unlocking with SDK or chinese tool you were able to install only 2 apps in case of SDK and 10 in case of chinese tool, but  this trick enables you to install unlimited apps/games to your Windowsphone 8.1 device.

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  • You must have upgraded to WindowsPhone 8.1

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  • Your device must have memory card support

 Follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Settings then tap on Storage sense . You can also open it from app drawer by swiping left when on start menu.
  • Tap on phone and then on apps+games.
  • Select the 2/10 apps/games you deployed on your device.
  • Tap on move and confirm move to SD card .


Now you can deploy more apps/games, so deploy until you reach your limit and then repeat the above process.



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