Unlock Moto X smartphone with digital tattoo-just tap it

Unlock Moto X smartphone with digital tattoo-just tap it - 4

Now Moto X smartphone users can easily unlock the Moto X smartphones with a digital tattoo, just tap the Moto X to the digital tattoo, and phone will get unlocked automatically,  isn’t it amazing, it’s like James Bond gadgets, but it’s real, you can buy this digital tattoo just for 9.99$ and they will come with a pack of 10 digital tattoos which will last long for 5 days, but they may get teared if the person is of a sportsperson or going regularly to gym, and obviously everyone knows the reason for the tear of this tattoo!


This digital tattoo is made of a flexible, super thin material made by the technology of vivaLink’s eSkin,  and all these tattoos are made to get unlocked with just a tap from Moto x and strictly no need to enter the passwords or complete the mazes etc, like we do!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15uIFmysZV4] Based on survey a normal user takes around 2.3 seconds to unlock their smartphones, and for a day they will unlock their smartphones around 39 times approximately, but practically speaking most of the users forgot to lock their smartphones, and will get angry when the smartphone gets struck while unlocking etc and all these things can be recovered by using NFC technology with this digital tattoo which makes the unlocking the smartphone very easy (just a tap, like magic), so if you want to try something unique with your smartphone, buy this digital tattoo from vivalink

via: motorola-blog

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