WhatsApp “blue ticks”: Disable it now [How To]

WhatsApp "blue ticks": Disable it now [How To] - 4

WhatsApp “blue ticks” can be disabled now and it can be done only with the new beta version of WhatsApp available for android users

Earlier this month, WhatsApp literally killed the users with it’s “blue ticks” update, I don’t know how many people broke their relationships with this update, every WhatsApp user was against this “blue ticks” update, but it’s just fine now because we can disable the read receipts now

If you are using the old version of WhatsApp you can’t notice a setting under privacy which will provide an option to disable the read receipts, whereas the latest beta version of WhatsApp is released which made the “blue ticks” as optional and I bet everyone would turn off this feature as it already made worse in terms of people’s relationships

Before this update, we already made a post regarding ” How to overcome this “blueticks” feature in WhatsApp , but that’s not a permanent solution, right now we have solution for that

WhatsApp Version 2.11.44 available in the WhatsApp site have this setting, ( as whatsapp just released the beta version, it may take sometime to hit the playstores ) but you can readily follow the procedure in disabling the “blueticks” monster in WhatsApp

How to Disable “blue ticks” in WhatsApp ?

  1. Download the latest version (beta) available in the WhatsApp website

[vc_button title=”Download Now” target=”_self” color=”default” size=”size_large” href=”http://www.whatsapp.com/android/current/WhatsApp.apk”]

  1. If you have the older versions replace it with the latest one and it’s a mandatory one to see the option

How to disable blue ticks in whatsapp


  1. After installing head to the settings–Account–Privacy and you can see an option Read receipts, uncheck the radio button, and that’s it now “blueticks” won’t appear.

How to disable blue ticks in whatsapp_1


This is how you can disable “blue ticks” in WhatsApp, I hope WhatsApp heard the world and made a fair choice in making this option as optional or else worst things could have happened, now enjoy the privacy and be like the old one you used to be !

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