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WhatsApp is down, leaving people unable to use the app for texting on the new year


whatsappWhatsApp is suddenly down, right at the time of new year when people text a lot and wish one another via the messaging app. As per the initial reports, this outage started right at around 10PM (IST-4:30PM GMT). According to the popular website DownDetector as well, it is down right now, and we can see many people complaining about it on Twitter.

By the way, this is not the first time when WhatsApp went down. Looks like people have already started texting a lot on the occasion of new year, and WhatsApp is down. However, some people in India smell something fishy- they suspect that it may be something related to blackout as SMS won't work on 31st Dec and 1st January in India and telecoms are behind this evil work. However, I checked out and no, it's not them as people are thinking. Even on Wi-Fi it isn't working.

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