Why you need a smartwatch when you have a smartphone? 

Why you need a smartwatch when you have a smartphone?  - 4

The world we see now is completely filled with digital gadgets and the digital revolution led to the development of wearable and virtual reality gadgets. The later is yet to be seen in the market (worldwide) while the former is already hitting down the sales of smartphones.

Well, as the physical science is getting advanced day-by-day, humans started analyzing time. starting from the time-dial to the latest digital watch its sole purpose was to specify the time, but things are little different now as of advancement in power semi-conductor devices and nano materials. The way we see the wearable have seen a tremendous change in past few years.

Nothing is quite easy until unless someone proves it to be! the world we live got so much busy with the  endless use of smartphones ( started from clicking the buttons to touching the screen) which transformed it from use to addiction. Every other mobile vendor got so busy in releasing various smartphones while some were trying to present some innovative gadgets out of which is a “smartwatch”.james bond smartwatch

It’s not a typical watch which can show time, temperature etc, this is a watch having the specifications of a smartphone. The old James Bond movies are filled with smartwatches where the protagonist uses it to communicate, well the modern-day smartwatches are very advanced than those shown in classic (old) movies.

The ongoing trend seems to showcase a new lifestyle in humans which presents the usage of gadgets in a unique way. Started with the displaying of messages, alarm settings, music player, notifications etc the smartwatch is gearing up with all the features that can be seen in a smartphone. This gadget is wearable, light, waterproof(most cases), anti-theft ( as you wear it all the time)* anti-allergic ( straps can be of premium quality), huge battery life and especially controlling of other gadgets with voice control. This is the change that every tech lover wants to see in the world and it’s already spreading to the entire world.

Smartphone paired up with Smartwatch is a common combo now-a-days, besides smartwatch there is fitness band offering at low-cost but they have limited features, suits for some range of people but a smartwatch is a trendy, innovative and filled with all the possible features that you always wanted to see in a watch.

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