Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans? – My Opinion

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans? – My Opinion - 4

I guess, you already started watching Westworld TV Series created by Jonathan Nolan and many things might be boggling your mind like – can AI-based robots dream? Do they remember previously deleted code – Can they retrieve and use it? etc. Well, I may not explain about this, sorry folks! Not today. But, I want to give a clear picture of the most common myth – ‘Will Artificial Intelligence replace humans?’

Some scientists say yes, and some say the other. But, will we ever know the conclusion? Well, I want to share my opinion on this – I believe AI-based robots may not replace humans completely but in a few fields, you will surely see an increase in the usage of Artificial intelligence. Already, many firms started applying machine learning in many of their services/products. Recently, Salesforce integrated the Einstein – An Artificial intelligence-based bot into their tool to make their CRM even smarter. I feel this is just a beginning. Now, let me get into deep and explain my view on artificial intelligence replacing humans.

Artificial Intelligence Replace humans – is it for real?

As already mentioned, I believe that they can’t just replace every person’s job but few of the repeated tasks can be taken care of using the algorithms. Like the programmer who proved to be badass, few of the regular tasks can be automated using AI.

Now, AI can learn anything, and the new Google Brain’s neural network AI showed that without any help from humans it managed to learn [self-learning] languages by itself. This confirms that AI is growing and is behaving not like a person anymore and is beyond that.

It is true that, once AI is given a query or a task, it will make sure that it masters it by any means where humans usually lose patience or get bored with the repetitive tasks and leave it. This is the main difference between human beings & artificial intelligence-based robots.

The Misconception –

Once the AI get to know about us, it will behave as a successor to us which means a new generation of humans or simply the hybrid humans. But, it’s just science fiction and is only possible in movies. One thing is for real that AI’s cannot beat humans in a few things as people’ cognition is way better & is more complex than what Ai’s have.

The Reality –

Humans are the minds behind Artificial Intelligence and we already saw 2 world wars which we fought for power. I mean, we know the importance of authority & being the most sophisticated & dominant species on the planet Earth, we have this feeling of always being there at the top of the pyramid. So, no matter in which way the AI grows [either positive or negative] it will always be controlled by a master i.e., us – the humans.

If it Goes Wrong? –

Besides some Hollywood movies which make us feel like AI’s are gonna take over the planet Earth and make us slaves, I do agree to a few famous futurists who think AI will do badly if it’s not handled properly. A few months back Microsoft was testing their AI- Tay which has the personality of an American teenager and was made live in twitter for like some 16 hours. We know what happened to the AI, it’s the Twitterati’s who made the teenager go from being respectful to racist.

All these conclude that AI will never gonna make any harm to humans until unless we made it do so, and Artificial intelligence will never replace human beings and take over jobs and even in future they will always be under controlled by humans. This is just my opinion and it may be wrong as the future is impossible to predict. Still, as per my research and the recent collaboration of tech giants, I believe humans will continue to have high authority as usual.

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