Windows 9 build “9834” Start Menu in Action video Leak

Windows 9 build "9834" Start Menu in Action video Leak - 4

Windows 9 build “9834” Technical preview screenshots were leaked yesterday and now the Live Start Menu in Action video of Windows 9 has been leaked by the same two German sites WinFuture, ComputerBase, as per the reports Microsoft is set to launch the Windows 9 at the end of this month and it gave the beta tests for some of it’s partners, but the result is leaking of it’s Technical Preview yesterday and now the video showing the Start Menu is leaked

As like our earlier post, this video demo of start Menu in Windows 9 has been found in WinFuture site and it has couple of videos showing the Design of Start Menu, Live Tiles which are very familiar to Windows Phone now and the live Tiles are blended with the basic launcher UI and this is what we posted in our previous article (by showing the screenshot) and the exact live video demo shows how these work

As per the Video demo, we can see that, the Live Tiles section can be deleted, so we can gain more space to check other apps and files in the regular Start Menu, Apps can be Pinned to the Menu , and on pinning it grows in size and display the necessary information (related to the app, as per the video we can observe the Weather details) and now it’s very easy to resize the Live Tiles as we do them like in Windows Phone to fit exactly as per the Layout

In windows 8, if we observe we can see the Metro-style interface is offered by Microsoft by downgrading the desktop and made it as optional, but as per the Video demo we can see that in windows 9 build “9834” we can set the start Menu as default

Here is the second video demo of Windows 9 Build “9834” showing the Start Menu with out Tiles

We are expecting the Launch of Windows 9 by the end of this month as we already mentioned at the starting, but before that we can experience the tweaks , functioning of windows 9 etc with some more leaks

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