Buy Moto X 2nd Gen (2014):Sale is live now in Flipkart-price is Rs. 31,999/-

moto x india buy

Motorola’s new smartphone Moto X (2nd Gen) 2014 will be on sale in Flipkart starting from Midnight today and it’s priced around Rs, 31,999/- (16GB) and the other variants Wood,Leather back panel will be priced at Rs, 33,999/-

Motorola promised that it will unveil the price of Moto X (2014) today at 12PM and it stood on the promise and revealed the price tag of Moto X 2nd Gen, after it’s release in IFA 2014 Expo (Sept 5th), the price of Moto X (2014) in USA is made to be $499.99 (approx 30K INR), but as of today Motorola confirmed the actual price of Moto X 2nd Gen ( price of 32K around)

A few days back Motorola launched it’s Moto G 2nd gen which had a considerable sales and we posted the Moto G 2013 Vs Moto G 2014, now Motorola came up with it’s high end smartphone with high benchmark Moto X 2014, the price tag of it’s predecessor is around 22K (21,999/- in exact)

moto x india buyif we see the benchmark of Moto X 2nd Gen, it has the highest score comparing to all the smartphones released in IFA 2014 event and MWC 2014 and even it beated the Apple iPhone 6  this score explains everything whether you can choose the Moto X 2nd Gen or choosing it’s competitive smartphones like Z3, S5, Note 4 etcmoto x 2nd gen- benchmark


Still the Moto X 1st Gen (2013) is on sale in Flipkart and it doesn’t affect the sales of Moto X 2nd Gen (2014) that are going to start from tonight (12 AM) as Moto X 2014 is far better than Moto X 2013 with new features

Top 4 features of Moto X 2014 :moto x 2nd gen india

Moto Voice – Just with voice, we can directly interact with All of our favourite apps like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc and we can customise our own voice and can set own commands for the specific purposes like to unlock the screen, we can set a command like ” Wake Up Moto” etc

Moto Assist – with Moto Assist we can do the hard things easier and this feature comes in handy in many situations as it can easily adapt as per situation

Moto Display – Just wave your hand on the Moto X 2014 to snooze the alarms, silencing the calls etc

Moto Actions – Using simple Gestures we can easily interact with our Moto x2, it’s naturally intelligent and can clearly identifies the gestures and activates based on it, Now it’s time to stop the tappings and swiping the screen

There are lot more better features in Moto X 2014 and we are coming up with lot more stuff, Until then wait for tonight for the exclusive launch of Moto X 2014 and grab a chance to get one for you, as Moto 360 smartwatch is also on it’s way!

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