Get Ready! OnePlus One’s second pre-order is set to go live on November 17.

Get Ready! OnePlus One's second pre-order is set to go live on November 17. - 4

The Never Settle OnePlus One is gearing up for its second batch of “OnePlus One” pre-order which is set to go live on Nov 17th ( and some places at Nov 18th) 11:00 AM Eastern Time (EST), that’s 9:30 PM Indian time. The pre-order goes up for an hour like the last time on 27th October. Hopefully, we are not expecting any issues at least this time. As you knew, it went pretty bad for the Chinese Company when users faced PayPal error and server downtime at the time of checkout. Because of which they had to extend the pre-order by another couple of hours.

OnePlus One (OPO) has been a serious flagship competitor of 2014 who doesn’t need an introduction, with its killer price tag and leading edge specs . But their Invite only system has been a big drawback and didn’t go quite well as the company expected. Though the initial launch was focused only to few countries, OnePlus One did outnumber the sales by selling more than 500,000 units officially. Considering it a year old company, it actually is a very great achievement. The company didn’t stop its announcement there. It said they will double their sales by the year-end to a whopping Million units. Given merely fifty days, it might be harder task to achieve, yet the company don’t loose their hope.

Recent reports say, the OnePlus would bring their 2014 flagship to India by the month December, which might help boosting up the sales to attain their target. Indian market, as we know, is the most cost-conscious in the world, and OnePlus must carefully set the price. We are expecting the 64GB model to be priced somewhere around 25K mark, which then will be really be a decent and value for money for this beastly smartphone. Flipkart may again hold the crown by exclusively launching OPO as it currently does with Xiaomi and Moto.

Coming back, the OnePlus promises immediate shipping of its device, until the stocks last for that particular hour. However, the company would still be taking pre-orders the moment stocks goes out, with a later shipping date. So, if you are planning to buy the One, hurry up.

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