Apple iPhone 6,iPhone 6 plus benchmarks revealed by GeekBench

Apple’s latest flagship iOS 8 phones iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus benchmarks have been revealed by GeekBench and the results are shocking, the scores says everything which iPhone has better perfomance

A few days back Apple launched it’s most anticipated iphones – iPhone 6 and it’s bigger brother iPhone 6 plus, but they didn’t reached the expectations, and today these phones are on sale in all the major countries like Newyork, HongKong , Australia, singapore etc and people are still waiting at the Apple stores to buy these siblings, but still many of users have some confusion like which one is better in these two smartphones , just a day back the iOS 8 update is released too

GeekBench a famous site for testing the smartphones and bench-marking them, tested iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ and placed the benchmark in it’s site and you can see the results in the below image (Click to enlarge the results)

iPhone 6 benchmark iPhone 6+ benchmark


These two images are the actual benchmark results of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ and as per GeekBench iPhone 6 is named as iPhone 7,2 and it’s big brother iPhone 6 Plus as iPhone 7,1 , this explains a lot to us, before going to the results let’s first see the CPU and RAM of these iPhones

Both these iPhones have same A8 Processor chip and supposed to have same RAM 1GB and almost same CPU clock frequency, but there are little variations in specs which we can observe from the results of GeekBenchiPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 plus

iPhone 6 is clocked at 1.39 GHz and have 987 MB of RAM availability which is slightly more than it’s sibling iPhone 6 + which is clocked at 1.32 GHz and have 975 MB RAM availabilty, so the test results are in favor of iPhone 6 than the iPhone 6 Plus

In both the single and multi core tests iPhone 6 scored 1627,2920 respectively where are the iPhone 6 Plus scored 1481,2662 respectively, if we compare the iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 + based on results and score, iPhone 6 performance is far better than iPhone 6 +

Just a minor difference in the CPU clock frequency and RAM availability brought a drastic change in the test results, although the firmware size is large in iPhone 6 Plus ( around 2.37 GB) and it’s a big screen phone, but the results of the big iPhone is comparably very low than iPhone 6

But as the iOS 8 is very new OS, so as per GSMarena, there might be some bugs in the GeekBench testing tool, so there might be some errors in the scores too, in any case you are looking for alternative for this costly gadget, you can try the iPhone 6 alternatives list

Source for iPhone 6 Benchmark | Source for iPhone 6 Plus Benchmark

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