Apple’s thinnest iPhone 6 Air concept

Apple's thinnest iPhone 6 Air concept - 4

Apple’s thinnest iPhone 6 Air concept developed by Set solutions, we have seen many iPhone 6 concepts, one is a folding concept, one with a touch pad and one regarding screen size, but this iPhone 6 concept by set solutions presented Apple’s thinnest iPhone 6 Air, and it’s remarkably brilliant as of it’s slim body and it’s just 1.5 mm thickness at the bottom and 3 mm at the side, well figuratively we can say, the thickness of this iPhone 6 Air concept is as same as that of the stack of two credit cards, it’s 13 cm tall and 6 cm wide, and it weights only 70 grams, as light as feather! The display of the iPhone covers the entire display, and it has a 10 MP camera (rear) with dual flash. the screen size of this concept is of 5 inches, but there is no information regarding the display resolution.

SET solutions produced a TV Ad for this iPhone 6 air concept, and you can watch the video from the above,  Set solutions has been making  like these concept videos, but we are thinking this company is looking for a big deal, as it is showing some new concepts

we are still hoping to see, many more concepts like this, as imagination is never ending and that too, applying new ideas on emerging technology is a big thing!
credits: Set solutions


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