Buy Xiaomi Mi3: Alternative method to flipkart


Buying Xiaomi Mi3, has to be done only through Flipkart in India. But the pranks, flipkart playing to increase the hype on the apple of china, “Xiaomi Mi3” is kind of marketing strategy. Even the Flipkart has to follow this alternative process to get their phones shipped. Even i tried waiting for the release of Xiaomi Mi3 in india through flipkart. And even i failed to get the smartphone because, flipkart has went down and sales of Xiaomi Mi3 was completed in just 5 seconds. Around 15000 Xiaomi’s were sold from flipkart just in 5 seconds and it even disappointed many customers who has failed to get the phone.

Igadgetsworld has reviewed for a method, an alternative way to buy Xiaomi Mi3 and even Xiaomi Mi4 from direct source itself. The advantages of this purchase is, you will get the smartphone along with its all accessories which flipkart is selling with separate price tags.  It takes 7 working days to get the delivery to your home from China through DHL with this alternative method.

Alternative method to buy Xiaomi Mi3 in India: Other than Flipkart

1. Go and register to this website: Xiaomi mobile store.

Xiaomi Mi3 alternative method 2. With the direct purchase from the Mi store, you will get free gifts like : Flip leather case, which is worth of Rs 699, Chargers and touch pen and Screen protector from Xiaomi is worth of Rs1200.

3. Click on add to cart. Enter the address to were, shipment has to be delivered and Click on DHL as the Courier service, were Xiaomi Mi3 will be delivered to your home in 3working days.

Xiaomi Mi3 alternative method 2

4. Payment methods we have 4 different ways of payment.

  • Western union (4%discount available with western union, were shipping cost will be free)
  • Pay by bank (Wired transfer)
  • Pay by money gram

We recommend you to choose Western union for payment mode

This is the best alternative method. Rather than waiting for Flipkart to release Mi3, you can get the phone directly from Mi store from china with free gifts and accessories.

There are always the 10 best reason to buy this awesome smartphone Mi3 Xiaomi

  • MH3

    Do you have any idea about duty tax kiddo?

    • Kedarnath Talisetty

      Better you can read this Kiddo..
      (Some goods are not subject to duty (e.g. laptops and other electronic products).

      • shefardtech

        Thanks for the information.
        I want to buy redmi from xiomishop which costs $159.
        Can you tell me how total it will cost with shipping, tax, duty etc. ?
        I stay in mumbai,
        I saw dutycalculator website still I have doubts.

        • 159+30 shipping and customs will be 20dollars. Customs is not stable
          if you still have doubts comment here, and our Editor will assist you personally!

        • Kedarnath Talisetty

          Hi, as per my experience, if you plan to order smartphone from other country, then you need to pay Product cost + Shipping cost + Customs duty cost + Currency conversion charges. Prefer paypal for all kinds of transactions. For Redmi 1s i paid 1500 for customs and 20$ for shipping through DHL.

          • shefardtech

            I bought 1 from flipkart.
            If it is good I will buy another from xiaomishop,
            so total cost will be 159$ + Rs.1500 + 20$, Right?( I am in mumbai India )

          • Kedarnath Talisetty

            Yes. Probably there is no Fixed price for Customs in India. But it wont be, more than 1500. If you are planning to buy from Xiaomi Store, i recommend you to buy MI4 directly with MI Band.

    • Kedarnath Talisetty

      Yes there is custom tax applicable, which may vary as per the Product’s Cost.

  • mi4

    Will it delivered right to my home?

    • Kedarnath Talisetty

      Yes, it will be delivered directly to your home 🙂

  • John Cboy

    I Don’t think western union in India allows you to send money outside the country, you can only receive money. what a stupid country it is!

    • Kedarnath Talisetty

      As per the Xiaomishop, we had seen the option for western transfer. I will find more information regarding this and reply you back. Thank you

  • Jayaditya Chakrabarty

    Yaah, that’s why it will be charged a little extra.