You Can Use A Galaxy Note 7 As Sticky Bomb!

You Can Use A Galaxy Note 7 As Sticky Bomb! - 4

I’m not mad or anything like that. But now you can literally use the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as a sticky bomb! I guess now it’s better to buy a Note 7 than buying a handgun, coz you don’t even need a license or anything! Just kidding! Some folks have come up with a brilliant mod for GTA V- yes, it is the Galaxy Note 7 sticky bomb mod.

And this video uploaded by DoctorGTA is just hilarious. He goes to ammunition store to buy some explosive, buys the damn Note 7 and tries to use it as a phone, which doesn’t work out at all. And finally, he goes on the street to create the ultimate chaos with his Galaxy Note 7! At first, he tries it with some cars and then goes around throwing the phone to people walking! All these happened due to the recent explosions that were reported across the globe after many people purchased the Note 7. However, all these happened due to the faulty SDI battery and now, the internet is flooded with Galaxy Note 7 trolls. And this is the latest addition to the trolls. If you are a GTA V lover, go get this mod here.

Well, that Note 7 Explosion was a really big thing and it’s still haunting Samsung and its customers. For just like this kind of awesome and hilarious tech and gaming world news, keep visiting us. Happy Explosions! :P

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