Delhi HC lifted the ban on Xiaomi India “partially” upto Jan 8th

Delhi HC lifted the ban on Xiaomi India "partially" upto Jan 8th - 4

Delhi HC lifted the ban on Xiaomi India partially up to January 8th, that is Xiaomi India can now sell and import it’s Qualcomm  chipset based products up to January 8th. Last week there was a big rumor that XIaomi is permanently banned in India and many other misconceptions in users mind that Xiaomi is banned in India due to transferring our data to Chinese servers.

Like these there are many other rumors and fake news on Xiaomi, we have explained what’s the real problem and why Xiaomi is banned in India in selling and importing products to India. we’ve asked our fans to be with patience as we know it’s a temporary ban and XIaomi officials have already started working on it to resolve the case soon, in our old post you can see the letter to Mi Fans by Hugo Barra. We guess the problem is resolved partially.

As per tweet by Press Trust of India, Delhi High court partially lifted the ban on Xiaomi India, Xiaomi can now sell and import it’s products (Qualcomm based) to India, and further information  will be revealed after January 8th, ( as this lift will lasts till Jan 8th). Since Dec 2nd , Xiaomi started selling Redmi Note which is powered by MediaTek processor. there were several reports on launching Redmi Note 4G in mid-December which runs on Qualcomm processor, but all these things were on halt due to the ban.

As of now XIaomi can start selling it’s Redmi 1s for a month as it is qualcomm chipset based. Redmi Note  3rd sale which is supposed to happen today might furthur delay, we can know the information only after Jan 8th , there might be an official word anytime soon regarding this partial lift which might give the information regarding resuming it’s old sales.

Xiaomi Mi4 is also powered with Qualcomm chipsets which is supposed to launch on Jan 2015, well we guess the schedule might changes as after Jan 8th, there might be a ban again as it’s partial lift now. The court hearing will be on February 5th, meanwhile Xiaomi need to do something to resolve it’s patent infringement complaints by Swedish telecom giant Ericsson.

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