Sunday, July 21, 2019

Design mascot for Cubot and get phones from them for free for the next one year

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Cubot is looking for designers who can design their mascot and they have just shouted that out of their facebook page asking fans to submit their entries. The winner will et phone from the firm for the next one year, and yes all for free.cubot-mascot

The designer gets phones for free and he can also provide his feedback and suggestions to improve the phones.

There are 5 Good Design Awards, and if your design is selected for this award, you will win a Cubot S500 smartphone. Finally, 50 lucky winners who will like the Cubot Facebook page and the post will get the Cubot mascot. The smartphone maker also made it clear that they are looking for a mascot design, like some sort of animal or something similar to that. Here’s what they mentioned on their Facebook page.

Independence and endurance, strength and positive attitudes to lead our customers forward a best choice product .However, if you could design with other animals , you need to elaborate the meaning for Cubot with this design .”

So, if you’re an aspiring designer and have a love for smartphones, then try out. Who knows? You may get lucky enough.


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