Finally Xbox One controller is gonna support Windows PC

Finally Xbox One controller is gonna support Windows PC - 4

Microsoft has kept the promise and now the Xbox One controller can now be used with Windows desktops, laptops and select tablets through an upcoming Windows update. Now the PC gaming will reach a new level as gamers will now be able to use Xbox One controller with their PCs, laptops and selected Windows 8 tablets, just they need to install an upcoming update and they can flawlessly play games on PC pairing the new Xbox One

Microsoft had spoken about bringing Xbox One controller support to Windows PCs last year around the time of Xbox One’s launch, and looks like they did not forget about their promise to make PC gaming better.  Earlier, Microsoft explained why Xbox One controller’s support for Windows PC wan not to be launched immediately, as it was technologically far superior and different than the Xbox 360 controller, and would need new drivers to work. Windows x86 and x64 compatible drivers for the Xbox One controller let you play any game with it which supports the older Xbox 360 controller. So, Microsoft is concentrating on PC gaming till now, while others are moving towards console gaming too fast leaving the PC gaming behinds. It is obviously a very good news for PC gamers, and hope it will be available very soon.


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