Future of Meizu, OnePlus & Xiaomi Mobile Vendors in India

Future of Meizu, OnePlus & Xiaomi Mobile Vendors in India - 4

Meizu, OnePlus & Xiaomi have been dominating the sales in the Indian mobile market but what’s the future of these Chinese mobile vendors in India ?

In the trio, Xiaomi was the first to enter in India with a special flagship phone Xiaomi Mi3. Even before its entry in India it had a good reputation in all over the South-East Asia because of its sales record in China. Later it came up with several other smartphones like Redmi 1S, Redmi Note, Mi4, Redmi 2, Mi4i and the upcoming flagship rumored to be Xiaomi Mi5.

After Xiaomi, OnePlus was the second to enter in India with only one flagship which was ‘The flagship Killer of 2014‘. Same like Xiaomi’s reputation in Tier-1 countries, OnePlus One flagship got critical acclaim from fans all over the world.

Later Meizu entered in India recently with its budget-friendly mobile M1 Note. Same like other mobile vendors in the list Meizu is pretty famous for its flagships like Mx Pro series. But there’s nothing innovative step from Meizu as like Xiaomi & OnePlus.

Xiaomi was the first to introduce the flash sale in India and got over record sales in flash of seconds while OnePlus introduced invite based system to the world including India :). But from Meizu we have not seen any new way of marketing strategy and it is following the Xiaomi’s flash sale concept. After the introduction of Xiaomi’s flash sale, most of the Indian mobile vendors also followed the same and Meizu was forced to follow the same.

As of now Xiaomi has shown the world with its worldwide shipments (market share) and proved to be No.3 in world while OnePlus dominated the flagship devices and thrown away the smartphones like Xperia Z3, Galaxy S5 etc. As Meizu has just entered the Indian market it is trying to understand the Indian users. Everyone knows how famous is the Meizu’s MX series, keeping this in mind Meizu has launched the latest flagship MX5 in both India and China. The specs of this latest flagship are going to kill the latest releases from competitors and it’s a known fact but Indian users are very new to this flagship.


Lets not forgot about the history of these Chinese companies. Everyone of them were started as a startup and tried to give a competition for the existing competitor trios – Samsung, Apple and LG. Xiaomi has its own MIUI whereas OnePlus has Cyanogenmod while Meizu is pretty famous for its Flyme OS. Each one of them have their unique line of production sets and also the specifications are beyond the limits.

What made them pretty famous is their quality in products within a certain price range.


As we know Xiaomi is yet to release the new flagship and some budget friendly phones in the near month while OnePlus has already announced July 27th to be the next flagship release ( OnePlus 2). Meizu is bit ahead in the trio as it has already launched the next flagship Meizu MX5 in India but the pricing is not yet revealed.

Besides the smartphone shipments & the specifications one thing we should consider is the user interface and making the phones based on users’ need. All the 3 mobile vendors is almost following the same and the same can be expected in future too. One thing would be changed is the marketing strategy in which how the device would be sold and where it will be available etc. As of now Xiaomi is exclusively partnered with Flipkart and Oneplus, Meizu are partnered with Amazon and the available stock is kept to be very limited. Xiaomi used to sell the stock in Fridays mostly while Meizu is selling it in Tuesdays. Oneplus is exempted in the case as it uses different way of selling.

Already Oneplus showed an initiation in invite system for selling in Oneplus 2 and few days back OnePlus one was made available in Flipkart too. Xiaomi is not only concentrating in Smartphones and power banks but also on smarthome appliances. OnePlus started concentrating on innovative gadgets like VR box while Meizu is yet to enter in different genres. We may guess all these trio will possibly make a huge market share in not only India but also in all over the world. Sooner or later Meizu will also try to come up with a unique marketing strategy as the remaining have their own style of selling. Let’s wait for few more days :)

“Future belongs to the Startups which shows innovation” – iGadgetsworld.

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