iPhone 6c Concept: Finalized render by designer Kiarash Kia

iPhone 6c Concept: Finalized render by designer Kiarash Kia - 4

iPhone 6c concept is finally rendered completely by designer Kiarash Kia, in our earlier post we teased some images of iPhone 6c concept and revealed the specs denoted by Kiarash kia, now adding all these concepts, Kiarash finally rendered the iPhone 6c concept

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Plus are already making a huge impact in the market all over the world with record sales, and we too guess this is the right time to show some initiative towards new products from Apple, we already posted regd, the earlier teaser of iPhone 6c concept, just a small recap about that: The designer focussed mainly on iPhone 5s rather than the new iPhone 6, and it doesn’t have any features of iPhone 5c ( we know iPhone 5c is flop), so based on public view on iPhone 6 and some extra features from iPhone 5s combines to form this new iPhone 6c

iPhone-6c-concept-1We have seen #BendGate issue in iPhone 6 Plus, in this concept, the designer confirmed that iPhone 6c is 0% prone to bending, ( it’s case is not made of plastic, rather than plastic, carbon fiber is used), this thing seems to be a better optimization that can reduce the effect of bending issues in iPhone. In this concept phone it has low bezels and good optimization can be seen in secondary camera position

As usual like the iPhone 5c, this phone also comes with wide range of colors ( c stands for color, not cheap :p) the same case color can be seen on the Touch ID ring on Home button, as we already said the power button is shifted at the top, we don’t see a NFC band, so this makes the device incompatible with Apple pay.

As per my view, if the designer had concentrated on iPhone 6 and pour some innovation in developing a new style of iPhone, it could made a good impact, but as of it’s a “C” version from iPhone, we can’t expect more!

Credits: Kiarash Kia

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