iPhone 6C concept: Rendered by Kiarash Kia + specs revealed

iPhone 6C concept: Rendered by Kiarash Kia + specs revealed - 4

We have seen iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launched this month with un affordable price tags, but the sales have reached top although of many obstacles like Bend Gate, Hair Gate etc, we all know what ever be the product from Apple, it will get hitted due to it’s brand and quality, last year we have seen iPhone 5c along with iPhone 5S, where ‘c’ stands for color, ( some says it’s a cheap version of Apple , made of plastic ), let’s put a fullstop for the iPhone 5C, coz we are with iOS 8 now running on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with A8 processor chipsets, so possibly we suppose to see a iPhone 6C version which might be a budget friendly one

Here you go now, the iPhone 6C concept is rendered by Kiarash kia, who revealed the possible specs of iPhone 6C too now, earlier he just teased the iPhone 6C concept after the grand launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus,  saying that it’s coming soon, now he rendered the same with high-end specs , let’s see his iPhone 6C concept!


As per the earlier teaser image, we can see that iPhone 6C will be a bright yellow version, and we can see 2 more colors like muave and bright Cyan ( spotted at the bottom of picture), we can see the same rounded corners like we see in iPhone 5S and 5C, but the hardware and specifications are not teased, but wait, we got the latest specs of iPhone 6C concept now!

iPhone 6C concept full specifications :

iphone-6c-concept-2As per Kiarash Kia, this iPhone 6C won’t be in a plastic case, this time it will be on a carbon fiber case with special layer of aluminium, this is proven to be 3 times stronger than the predecessor iPhone 5C. It features a 4.5 inch IPS LCD touch screen with a display resolution of  1334 x 750 pixels, the ppi density is around 327. Same like iPhone 6, this iPhone 6C comes with 1GB of RAM, 16GB on-board storage and it has all the connectivity we can see in iPhones like Bluetooth GPRS, 4G, NFC etc, there wasn’t much change in the Camera, it has 8 MP primary camera + Dual LED Flash and the front cam is 1.2 MP

Now in terms of hardware, it runs of Apple A7 chipset ( Dual core 64 bit ) and there is an added attraction this time, it’s PowerVR GPU, some more features like anti-scratch layer, fingerprint scanner etc can be seen in this concept, if we observe the teased picture, the volume keys are still rounded, and I suppose the power button is still at the top, this seems that the designer took the inspiration from iPhone 5S ( the chipset is also an old one )

Credits: Kiarash Kia

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