Israeli Photographer Captures A Whole Indian Wedding on iPhone

Israeli Photographer Captures A Whole Indian Wedding on iPhone - 4

You must have watched photographers carrying heavy DSLR cameras in weddings, but what about capturing a whole wedding on a phone? Seems to be a crazy idea? Actually, it’s possible. Do you remember our old article where we talked on how to shoot a short film with only 5 gadgets? Well, if you had read that you will surely know which phone we are talking now. Of course, it is iPhone 6S. A former military personnel & photographer Sephi Bergerson showed this by capturing a whole Indian wedding in Rajasthan, with his iPhone. And look at the photo gallery of this his brilliant photography, just with his iPhone 6S Plus.

Sephi Bergerson grew up in Tel Aviv and served in paratroops regiment and later he moved to New York to pursue his interest- photography. Later he went back to Israel and was continuing his career with his studio out there. And in 2002, he moved to India. But the main story starts when he felt that DSLR camera is a barrier between him and the subject. And he was keen to shoot a wedding on his iPhone 6S Plus, but he couldn’t find any such opportunities. Finally, he found Ayushi and Abhishek who were getting married in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Sephi talked a bit about iPhone on his blog.

” Under the innocent cover of your iPhone lies a powerful tool that is changing the way we work and think as photographers. For the first time we have a camera, a darkroom and and an online research directory in one small device. We can now shoot and process our images in the field, free from the burden of running home to our computers. We can instantly examine what works (and what doesn’t) to make our captures match our vision, as well as share them with our subject on the spot, or upload to the social media channels or your favourite online portfolio.”

And he also mentioned how he processes the images- “I have a very simple workflow for post-processing on the iPhone. It would usually start with #snapseed where I correct the contrast, colour and highlights. I sometimes also add a vintage filter before moving to #mextures to add the scratches and grit. The next stage, if required, would face retouching on #facetune. When I export to #instagram I sometimes add another filter there as well.”

So, the results are quite interesting. He also added that iPhone is not gonna replace the existing cameras that we use every day, but it opens up a whole new way to shooting. So, probably I guess Apple fanboys will be pretty happy to know this. Share this with your friends who take lots of shots from their iPhone and don’t forget to join us on Facebook to get such interesting stories on the move.

Image Copyright: Sephi Bergerson

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