Jio4GVoice FAQs – The reinvented Jio Join App

Jio4GVoice FAQs - The reinvented Jio Join App - 4

Since the launch of Reliance Jio, the Reliance Jio set of apps are leading the “TOP FREE” chart of Google PlayStore in India. In the Top 5 free apps in PlayStore, only WhatsApp made it on the list. The rest of the 4 apps are part of Reliance Jio apps, Jio4Gvoice formerly the Jio Join App being in 2nd position. A couple of months back we wrote an article on How to Enable VOLTE Calls on your 4G Phone using Jio Join app.

Along with questions on the article, we got a lot of emails related to Reliance Jio and How to use Jio Join to enable VOLTE or RICH calling on a 4G phone. Compiling those questions we are going to share some Frequently Asked Questions about Jio4GVoice, formerly known as Jio Join. While starting the FAQ’s of Jio4GVoice, I am assuming you already own a Reliance Jio sim card or you are in the queue for the same. Are you having a 4G phone which doesn’t support VOLTE or are you having a VOLTE phone which doesn’t support video calling (like OnePlus 3)? Then you are at the right place!! If you’ve not installed the app, install now from Google PlayStore.

Price: To be announced

Reliance Jio4GVoice FAQsjio4gvoice-app-faqs

1.Reliance Jio4GVoice shows incompatible with my device on Playstore:

This kind of issue popups often due to the Android OS version & Manufacturer [OEM] of your smartphone. This can happen with any popular app on PlayStore. You can contact the developer with your phone’s Make, Model, OS version, Build number and other phone specific details, and they will fix it. Meanwhile, you can always sideload the apk after downloading from here.

2.I have a 3G smartphone, is there any way to make Reliance JioJoin aka Jio4GVoice work

NO! According to my experience, from what I tested, Reliance Jio sim wouldn’t get detected in only 3G enabled phones. There are a lot of websites, sharing tricks on how to enable Reliance Jio on any 3G smartphone. This is false. No matter what values you change in Phone Info settings or the app you download [specified by the trick sites], Jio Sim won’t be detected in 3G phones.

3.How to make calls from Jio4Gvoice?

No need to Open Jio Join app every time to make a call (except for Mi devices). Just make calls from phone dialer it automatically places through Jio4gVoice app. If you have true caller/ true dialer enabled on your phone, Jio4GVoice app let you choose their native dialer as the default. Even if you don’t make it as a default, you can always make calls from Jio SIM by just selecting the call from appropriate SIM, and it will automatically call through VOLTE.

4.Can I use Jio4GVoice with other carriers like Airtel or Vodafone?

NO! Jio4GVoice app only supports Reliance Jio 4G or JioFi wireless internet. If you have any other sim card as primary sim card, Jio4gVoice won’t even start.

5.I don’t find Jio4GVoice app in Apple AppStore?

Probably this ends the Apple vs Android war here. :P Jio4G voice is exclusively available on Google PlayStore with over 10 million downloads. Till date, there haven’t been any official announcements for Jio4GVoice for iPhones, but MyJio App is available for iPhone. Also, see 2. to download the app from the third-party site.

6.Will I be charged for VOLTE Calls made from Reliance Jio4GVolte app?

Reliance Jio offers unlimited calls along with Voice & HD or RICH calling from Jio Join aka Jio4GVoice is totally free for lifetime. There is no separate charge for even “Group Conference Calls”.

7.Jio4G Voice doesn’t work on my Rooted/Xposed 4G smartphone.

Nope, Jio4GVoice works fine on a rooted smartphone with the Xposed framework. I have tested this in OnePlus One, Nexus 6p, Mi4i, and few other smartphones. Only if you change IMEI of your phone, JioJ4GVoice will start giving you unexpected errors.

8.I don’t get incoming calls in 4G smartphone even with Jio4GVoice app being installed?

I have seen this issue a lot in Xiaomi phones with MiUi which doesn’t have VOLTE. Personally tested in Mi4i. Until the time Jio4GVoice app is running in the background, you will keep on getting incoming calls. Please make sure your phone’s settings [Start manager] doesn’t end Jio4GVoice app as soon as you leave it running in the background.

9.Can I use Jio4GVoice for video calling in VOLTE enabled smartphone which doesn’t have Video calling in stock dialer?

Hmm! This is a strange bug that I have found in the Jio4GVoice app. Smartphones which doesn’t have Video Calling in stock dialer doesn’t function as expected with Jio4GVoice app. If you set Jio4GVoice app as the default dialer, and make any call from it, it redirects and calls from Stock Dialer, thus not giving you the option to enable video. So ironically if you have VOLTE enabled smartphone you cannot use JioJoin or Jio4GVoice to make or receive calls. Till date, I haven’t been able to find a solution to this. I would share the workaround here, once I find it.

10.My Jio speed Sucks! Any solution?

Let me begin with this, there are many sites and YouTube channels providing the so-called Jio Speed tricks and making you feel sad because that never worked for you. To be honest, they are all cheating you and they can’t cheat the Jio Network. Remember 6 years back, there are many loopholes in networks and everyone makes use of them, but not anymore. If you see someone claiming they can hack the Jio Network and download their trick to get speed, then it’s bullshit! Don’t trust or try them!

But, there’s one loophole or a bug which can enable you to bypass the data limit, but doesn’t increase the should check the data usage on My Jio App, and you can see the data reset time. For most of the users it is 10PM & 10AM, so if you restart every night by 10PM or the time which your data resetting takes place, you can enjoy the 4GB again.  It is not working for everyone, but working fine for me, and they may fix the bug anytime soon.

Speed is clearly controlled by the network provider and you really can’t do anything. We’ve already reported the speed issue to the Reliance PR, but we haven’t got any word from them. Once, we get a response, we will update the FAQ section.

Well, these are some of the questions that we compiled related to the Reliance Jio4GVoice app. If you have any other query or something else to add here, please let us know down below in the comments section and we will update it on Jio4GVoice FAQs.

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