Moto X: How to Root Moto X running on Android 4.4.4| Step by step process


[Root Moto X 4.4.4] Moto X is a great smartphone and has its unique place in the smartphone markets due to its special features . After updating Moto X from 4.4.2 to 4.4.4, it has been very difficult task, in rooting the Moto X running on Android 4.4.4. but now we are providing the Step by step process for rooting Moto X running on Android 4.4.4 as we successfully rooted it.

Note to readers:

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Before rooting Moto X, it is necessary to unlock the bootloader. It is good to maintain the toolkit for Moto X, which has all the tools, that will be helpful in  unlocking the Moto X boot loader and rooting of moto X, running on android 4.4.4. The toolkit is available in this post. Click here

Brief method of unlocking the Bootloader of Moto X running on Android 4.4.4:

  1. Download the moto X toolkit and extract them into a single folder on your desktop.

  2. Connect your device in fastboot mode and right click on the folder containing all the device drivers, and enter into command prompt. Paste the code: fastboot oem get_unlock_data.

  3. This will execute the long string, which has to be pasted in the motorola webiste to get your personalized unlock key, which has to be pasted in the command prompt with the code: fastboot oem unlock UNIQUE_KEY. 

  4. This will successfully unlocks the bootloader of your moto x running on Android 4.4.4.

How to Root Moto X running on Android 4.4.4:

  1. Soon after unlocking the bootloader, it is necessary to flash the Custom recovery into the root of the moto X. Download CMW TOUCH FOR MOTOX 4.4.4

  2. Copy the file “clockworkmod-touch-” into the folder, which you created while extracting the Moto X tools. For more info read more

  3. Now download” and copy the file into your smartphone. You can create a folder “Root” and copy the file “ into the Root folder. Download SuperSU here.

  4. Run the MotoX in the fastboot mode. Follow the below process how to fastboot Moto X:

  • Enable USB Debugging on your phone.
  • Connect your device through USB to your PC
  • Right click in the folder, where all the adb drivers, fastbootghost drivers, clockworkmod-touch- file is copied. By clicking the shift key, right click and select Open command window here.
  • It opens the command prompt. In the command prompt enter the following command:  adb reboot bootloader
  • The above command reboots your device into fastboot mode. Soon the device restarts into the fastbootmode, drivers starts installing automatically. If fastbootmode drivers installation fails, download fastbootghost drivers from above link and install them manually from device manager.
  1. Now run the command: fastboot flash recovery clockworkmod-touch-

rootmotox 5. Soon flashing the custom recovery into the Moto X running on Android 4.4.4, now open the recovery mode in your device, by pressing power button+Volume low button at a time and release them. You will go into recovery mode.

recovery mode motox 4.4.4

  1. Now using Volume down button, select recovery and press volume up button. (Volume down is for navigation and Volume up is for Selection) and it opens the CMW recovery mode, where you need to install the supersu, that has been copied in the root folder of moto X. (We will post how to remove warning sign from your Moto X completely)

Moto X bootloader unlock



This is the custom recovery screen. This is how it appears.



Now go to >Install Zip > Click on Root folder > Select and install the file. This flashes the root permission in your Moto X.IMG-20140830-WA0005

Now using Rootchecker.apk, you can check your Root access of your device. You can see the screenshot how it appears.


  • Dave

    Will this give me write access to the system? Or just a superficial root like that you get from the Pie method?


    • Kedarnath Talisetty

      This is Complete rooting process, which enables the writing access into your system. I tried it and it is working 100% fine.

      • Brian

        Will wifi tether work? I cant get it to work after rooting.

        • Kedarnath Talisetty

          Try restoring your phone. Probably the problem is not because of root. Root never create Tethering problems. Restore to factory setting and try whether Wifi Tether is working or not? And reply me. We will find out some solution accordingly. 🙂

          • Brian

            when I restore to factory settings, will it not be rooted anymore? Wifi tether is granted permission with Super user, but does not broadcast signal for computer or tablet to pick up. Have used this app with other phones when I rooted the phone and worked fine. Wifi tether will not work unless phone is rooted. Should I reset to factory then re-root? Let me know your thoughts.

          • Kedarnath Talisetty

            When you restore your phone, it will lose its rooting capabilities. But i am facing any issue with the Wifi tether. Try applying the process again and let me know.

          • Rohit Digraskar

            Pls stock firmware 4.4.4 asian retail and guide how to flash it pls

          • Kedarnath Talisetty
  • Brian

    Kedarnath, I have phone rooted. Worked well but cannot get wifi tether app to broadcast. Can you help me?

  • Sidhant

    can someone pls give me a mirror for the roolkit… it doesnt seem to work :/

  • rakesh

    it’s not working on my moto x 4.4.4 . I am getting this error.please anyone help me.

    • Kedarnath Talisetty

      Hi Rakesh, you had done everything perfect. Only thing you may face problem is you are not able to get into Custom recovery in your Moto X. Switchoff your phone and restart it in Custom recovery by holding the power button and Volume down. If it is showing an error, then flash your custom recovery file again into your moto X and try.

  • Shubham Namdeo

    hey Kedarinath, will i get an OTA update in future if there are any after rooting my phone?
    please help.

  • Jayaditya Chakrabarty

    It should work fine, but be careful and follow the steps carefully.

  • rakesh

    I tired with mfastboot also but am getting same error.please help me.

  • rht

    Firmware for moto x(xt1052->Indian) 4.4.4 pls necessary for unroot, and unroot guide also

  • Rohit

    fastboot->recovery->install Zip->Not showing any root named or motoX named folder reply ASAP

  • Akmal Ash

    Is my system as attached can follow 100% ur method..thanks..

  • Akmal Ash

    Is it my system can follow your method 100%? Please let me know..thanks

  • DAN

    Works well and gud